My First!
It was easily 300 feet away an not easy with my equipment hand held no less but I went in on it as much as I could so I could see what it was.

As I watched it watch me and then the water below I knew I was watching my first Osprey hunting for a fish and not one of the normal birds of prey looking to fly off with one of my visiting songbirds.

Just as this amazing bird was going in for the kill another large bird came in to what looked like a fight to me. They then were out of my field of vision so I am not sure how it ended.

I was lucky to see and capture it somewhat though so it was a great way to end my day.

18 thoughts on “Osprey

    1. I had no idea what it was and being so far away and no binoculars I grabbed the camera and used the zoom 🙂 I love that it fishes here.

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