Virus or no virus for years our garden club supporters have loved our Spring Pansy Bowl Fundraiser and this year was no exception. 160 bowls were delivered to my home to keep crowds at bay. I did my share of deliveries to the elderly to keep them safely in their homes. Others made appointments to come when no one else was going to be at my place and two other members took bowls to others as well. A team effort is always how we do things. We have the smallest garden club but we like it that way.

A small fraction was left after one of our members hauled off 49 bowls for his workplace.

All different mixes always makes it tough to chose.

We even offered flats for those with window boxes to fill with spring flowers.

My birds did not know what to think. From a muddy yard to pretty blossoms.

So funny to watch them then I stressed all night as to which creature would want to eat them before I could get their owners to collect them. Well after today they will be their problem and I will just worry about my 4 bowls.

Have a wonderful weekend though with 150+ countries dealing one way or another with this nasty virus I know it will not be a typical entrance in to our Holy month but we can all pray from the safety of our homes and yards. Be well and self distance and keep those hands scrubbed and off your face.


25 thoughts on “COVID19 BE DAMNED

    1. Planted downtown today as well as all of the corners now being planted never thought I would see any traffic today but a little sunshine brought everyone out 😦

  1. Glad you were able to pull off your fundraiser. Our May plant sale is in real jeopardy right now. We’ll see how creative we can be. πŸ™‚ I’m making a curbside pickup of some gardening stuff from Tractor supply I need. I’m hoping it works well, so that is a viable option. Yes, stay safe and pray from home.

    1. Fingers crossed this will all be behind us in 3 weeks but the next 2 will be sadly the worst. Delivering saved us with just 6 coming in person in 2 days and hours in between and only picking up what they were actually buying.
      It was the money I was most fearful of 😦

  2. Great job in still pulling off your fundraiser when many cannot. And many others can’t afford to spend money now because they have no jobs. The flowers are beautiful. I’m glad you could bring joy to others. Stay safe!

    1. We began in January offering them 2 for $25 and thankfully our supporters here in NH came through. The ones who begged for the extras all said they needed something pretty now more than ever. It was more work for the 3 of us working alone but so worth seeing their happy faces from 10 feet away πŸ™‚

    1. They were a respite from all the yard work for sure getting them to their new owners πŸ™‚

    1. You as well I have been tearing up this place with a fire each night to keep the beaver from using all my hard work against me lol

      1. That sound wonderful even though it’s to thwart the beaver’s progress. Someday we are going to make a fire pit in our yard. β€οΈπŸ‘

      2. Yes a couple of beaver do nasty damage to my trees when there are 15 65 pounders running amuck it is plain crazy. Fire pits are esential and so easy to make I have one made from one of my old semi truck rims and brick πŸ™‚

    1. I have to see the positive as I am still on this side when so many are not 😦 xo

    1. So sorry they love cool weather and the north or east side of our homes here in New England and if watered and fed they bloom untill a killing frost.

  3. I felt a lilt of happiness arise within when I saw all those bowls of pretty pansies! How wonderful that you were able to pull off the sale in this way and make so many other people happy in the process!

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