A Challenge Given

A local rehabber who usually brings her Birds of Prey out to do local talks is now stuck home as we all quarantine, you are to right? I hope so and if you go out wrap a scarf around your nose and mouth and wear gloves, like winter ones and toss in the laundry to keep clean. Jane asked her followers to draw or paint her beautiful owl. This is too short and fat and not done but it was my 1st layer 🙂 don’t laugh I never paint from photos lol

My first attempt painting Lila and this is my first wash. It is all wrong so I will make another attempt on the back.

I had my organic compost delivered and after I took a long ride up north to pick up some Elderberry cuttings from a favorite Etsy shop owner I came home and added it to all of my raised beds in the garden. It is now all ready for peas, lettuce and cool season crops.

Have you gathered some pallets, buckets or built your own to plant as well? I am retired but give so much of myself to nonprofits that this quarantine has me more focused with less running here and there for one meeting or another.

Gardening not only settles your mind in troubled times but it gives you food for your family and to share with others which always feels good so please order some seeds from the internet, local garden shops are still open here in NH as well as WalMart. For lettuce, peas and greens no need to start from small pots plant the seeds, water in and wait. You can gather long branches from the forest and make a teepee shaped tower using twine to tie them together like this:

Frost is covering my yard this morning and the birds are loving the seeds I tossed for them at 6am. It is April 1st so we are asked to take down actual feeders because of the bears. I will continue to add a hunk of beef suet 15′ in the air until our true spring warmth arrives and toss seed, just enough to be gobbled right up both in the morning and early evening and the mealworms remain for the breeding Bluebirds as will the heated birdbath.

Heated baths are what they desire until our warm weather arrives.
Actually all use this and I have to refill it 2 times a day.

I can not wait to add the Elderberry cuttings to my new garden space I have laid out for the wildlife along with more fruit bearing bushes and floral varieties so the birds can escape from the constant pressure from the aerial attacks of Sharp Shinned Hawks, Cooper Hawks and of course Red Tail Hawks. Now the mice, moles and voles are free for the taking for my visiting Owls 🙂 I know I’m bad lol

Stay safe, self quarantine and call your friends and family and see how the are doing not only physically but mentally as well.


6 thoughts on “A Challenge Given

    1. Yes all ready to go but I can not wait for our 160 Pansy Bowls to land here Friday morning the smell of spring will be so welcome.

    1. Thank you nothing like her and only first wash but I tried 🙂 Hope you are staying healthy.

  1. Good advice Eunice, and good that you are focussed on your garden and feeding the wildlife! (But not the bears!) Our garden markets are all closed too, but we are ordering more seed online. 😃

    1. Ours are all open and our garden club had 160 bowls delivered yesterday to my home in the rain with a full week of rain ahead so now I will grow mushrooms 🙂 I do not mind the bears just stay on the edges of my forest not at my back door 🙂

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