How Are You Doing?

As we self-quarantine I am grateful for my visitors.

Here in NH,USA we are being asked to stay 6 feet away from others, all bars have shut down, food is now delivered or pick-up only.

We have drive through for getting your mouth swabbed as well.

How did you do in China and Italy and Spain really any country how is it you are staying safe?

I was so sick in December through Feb. the last thing I need is to contract this COVID-19 so I am scrubbing hands, staying home 6 out of 7 days venturing out to only do what is necessary. Stores in New England can not keep paper products or cleaning supplies in stock, shelves empty for days on end with all of this hoarding/lack of decency and panic in the air.

I am keeping busy with spring cleaning and on warm days getting out and cleaning the yard . I will plant peas, kale, lettuce and add a hoop set-up so if the temps get chilly I can add a tent to protect them from frost. Raised beds warm sooner than in the ground so fingers crossed it is a good season then I can share with neighbors.

All the things I do volunteer work with has ground to a halt since we have to have 10 or fewer in any one space. Schools, libraries and our town offices closed as well. You too?

Take care everyone and stay healthy. I will be doing the same.


23 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

    1. If it has no one to infect I pray it dies and life goes back to normal ❤ Stay safe you live in a beautiful spot like me and thankfully we know how to read and relax just do the best you can so I can see you again XO

  1. Much the same here in Ireland, Eunice. We are staying at home, not going out at all, and are ordering our groceries online and having them delivered from the shop we normally use. It’s a worrying time. Best wishes, Paddy

    1. Paddy so glad you can stay home and stay safe.(HUGS) it is not easy but we must remember all who have survived this ❤ I checked out the map late last night and see many of us are in the same boat 😦

  2. Same here in Germany Eunice. Borders all closed too. Worry about my parents in the UK. Time for the garden though now… thank goodness the weather has improved so we can be outside. Take care! xx

    1. OH I bet you are 😦 my brother and I just spoke from 1800 miles apart and we are grateful our parents were no sick going through this. I will keep your family in my prayers. xo

  3. Since you and I are basically neighbors, I can ditto your comments about everything being closed and some empty shelves. I am glad I brought TP from South Carolina because there certainly isn’t any to be had here. And, I’m grateful the library has ebooks. I’ll do some sewing/quilting, but this weighs so heavy on my mind that it’s hard to really enjoy it. But, we’ll soldier on, hope the curve flattens, and we can return to some sort of normal every day life. Stay safe.

    1. Amen. Loving the sunshine, I am out cleaning areas destroyed by ice and winter storms. Getting piles ready to burn when weather permits Friday it may hit close to 70 I made need to walk the beach rain or shine to re-group or stop into Churchill’s which always brightens my day. Stay safe. I have 4 rolls of tissues come on leaves 🙂

  4. Eunice, You’ve described exactly how I feel here in Los Angeles. I still have a cough from what I contracted last November and then again in December. The shelves are bare and I’m trying to just stay calm. We’ll get through it!

    1. We will but it is a downer for sure. I just came in to pour some mushroom stock into a bowl with frozen veggies and 3 gulf shrimp 🙂 after having cleaned my raised beds and rake debris to another spot. I am thinking if I stay busy on beautiful 40 degree days in NH with no bugs while my birds pick through the debris I am moving how safe I am even if it is early I can get through this. I pray if that was what I had I am now ammune ❤ Please stay safe I will use rainy and snow days to gut out STUFF that is not important inside my house so when this blows through I will weigh less, move more and have a pretty place to enjoy. XO

      1. I hadn’t read your post in a while and I completely related to the part about gastric reflux. I believe that my last cold triggered my cough coming back. I gained weight, because I broke my ankle over the summer and I think that’s causing it also.
        Staying busy and moving is definitely a great idea. It’s so easy to overeat with all the stress going on. Great idea for a recipe thanks for sharing!

  5. We’re self-isolating for the duration. Have enough food and supplies to last a long time and plenty of books to read. Stay safe and take good care of you, Eunice! ❤ xo

  6. Like everyone, we’re staying close to home, just walking the dog. Thank goodness for our gardens that are now waking up. They keep us grounded and centered on happier aspects of life. Take care, Eunice!

    1. You too Eliza they certainly do. I cleaned for 5 hours today tomorrow snow then Friday rain and 70 and maybe I will put out the lawn furnature so the dust washes off 🙂

  7. Good morning Eunice! Times are crazy for sure! Up north we have bare shelves as well and no toilet paper anywhere. The stock clerks put it up and soon enough its gone. We have enough supplies and food for a few weeks I think. I’m still trying to figure out how to stock up on milk…someone said to freeze it but it will separate. No dry milk for sale online. I need more bread as well. My son’s college is online so he’s here instead of his apartment outside of Boston. He’s separated from his girlfriend who is in Amherst Mass so he’s missing her and his City way of life. It’s temporary and I keep telling him that. He is hopeful that in a few weeks the cases will go down and he can go back to his life. Time will tell.
    My school is closed but I’m getting paid to work at home. I’ll be making materials, taking workshops and earning certifications as well as putting up some videos for my students I work with. This is all new to me but I’m going to learn how to do it.

    I’m going to keep exercising and walking, clean up my yard( although we still have patches of snow), planning my garden and ordering my seeds. I’m hopeful our garden will help us with food but that won’t be until July.
    Sorry this is so long. I hope you stay busy and safe my friend!❤️❤️❤️😘

    1. You hang in there it is even crazier here with the hoards or hoarders 😦 brings out the worst then with many sewing masks, breweries making hand sanatizer the best comes to the top.

      Spent all day in fresh air yesterday alone me and my rake and JD and now with threat of snow and then 40’s and 50’s I may have grass here sooner than ever 🙂 or weeds I should say from all the birds lol

      Give your son some things to do to help you this is not fun but it is our attitude that will allow us to make it.

      Take care and stay in touch.

  8. Hunkered down in New Hampshire. I’m grateful that I live in such a beautiful place. I can get out to photograph nature. However I miss seeing people. Be well.

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