Beautiful Bluebirds

Beautiful Bluebirds will keep me sane should I need to be under house quarantine.

The store shelves of local stores are now empty with just 6 confirmed cases of the latest evil threat from the other side of our world.

Eastern Bluebird is making a healthy comeback based on my yard.
Their song fills my place.

I really wish we could find out who or what is behind them each and every year. We have germ warfare here in the States so you know other countries do. It is really sad to see all the deaths, first in Asia then the ripples of it traveling very quickly to all parts of the globe.

One good thing will come from this everyone will know how to wash their hands.

Stay safe everyone.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bluebirds

    1. Yes. I do not trust those injecting animals with crazy things. We have a lab in CT that is full of crazy things 😦 governments will do anything to get a leg up on another countries people . I am not sure how it came to be then how it mutated are you in Australia? How is CA doing? We have 7 cases in NH and store shelves are bare.

  1. Enjoy the bluebirds, and I hope your pantry is stocked. We’re headed back this weekend, and I can’t tell you how I’m not looking forward to this hoarding issue which leaves the shelves bare for everyone else. There are more cases here in South Carolina, but the stores do not look like ours because a friend send me photos. I guess the old days of taking care of family, friends, and neighbors are truly over. Dog eat dog atmosphere has risen from this incidence.

    1. It sadly is horrid here. So glad growing season is almost here and that I have local farms for chicken and eggs. Travel safely.

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