Spring Is In The Air

As a member and current president our our very small garden club we have but 7 days left for our Pansy Bowl fundraiser. I think we have paid orders for 150 +/- so far which will help to defray the cost for all of our towns plantings.

Pretty NH Grown Pansies
Summer Landscape in the west side of town.

Our group will prepare our corners and add the white self-watering planter boxes then soil and fill the containers with water in the next few weeks as we wait for the truck to arrive with our supporters plants. Sure hope it doesn’t freeze solid as gardening in New England can be challenging to say the least.

This will be our first fundraiser of 2020 and one that will make this town pretty until we swap them out for Memorial day when we will add them to our landscapes full of annuals that will remain until our Fall plant fundraiser where we offer them cabbage, mums and asters. We pull out summer and add one of each of autumn offerings to get ready for fall foliage and scarecrows all around town here in Epping NH.

Our Autumn Planters

Well the clocks have been changed for Daylight Savings Time and the sun is out so I think I will get dressed and head to the corner closest to me and do some cutting of the huge grasses, Knockout Roses and them rake all the clippings up and when my better half goes to the transfer station he can stop with an empty box and collect if for my compost pile.

I will then come home and paint and watch the birds as they begin to pick their partners. Enjoy your day!

8 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

    1. Some say it is us being too hopeful we have killing frosts until May 30th 🙂 and 3′ snow storms on April Fool’s Day New England has crazy weather 🙂

  1. How amazing, that you have a caring community that beautifies with flowers. You never cease to amaze me, Eunice!

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