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Forties in February Brings Us All Out

Having made an appointment with a doctor for my laryngitis and being sick of always being sick and tired with what I thought was a virus(simple cold) he used a scope in my nose and down the back of my throat shot a film all along the way then we watched it together.

He points out my swollen and torn up throat parts and declares “You have Acid Reflux and not a cold.” Now what do I do as mom died from acid reflux turning into Barrett’s Syndrome at 83 and having suffered since her teens with heartburn etc. I think I may have felt it just a handful of times in 62 years but guess what it can be silent.

So diet change is now a must as is weight loss and in just 4 days 8 lbs has come off. I have a long journey but one to live. I will eat a mostly veggie, nuts, seeds and grains with fish and chicken now and then. I have my list of foods and habits to avoid and if I never have to have 8 week long coughing bouts and tons of nasty phlegm and a hard time breathing all the while using inhalers and Codeine I will work hard on this. Do you suffer with reflux or sickness that never lets us what do you do?

OH I bought a cheap pedometer let’s see if I can do this.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you are taking on improving your health all around. By next summer, you’ll feel amazing, like you’ve been given a whole new body! πŸ™‚

    1. From your lips to God’s ears ❀ so many good people with history of this gut thing now for me to do my best ❀

  2. Kudos to you Eunice for making a plan for health. I have no doubt you will succeed beyond your own expectations. Just knowing what ails you is the first step in the right direction. Sending hugs your way! β™₯οΈπŸ‘ Dor

    1. Thank so much for sharing good to know about peanut butter and bread πŸ™‚ or meatball subs?

      I will be very happy to get my weight off naturally in a world where everyone puts their health in danger with surgery. Getting my acid to subside, valve to close and voice back will be nice too ❀

    2. after going and printing it out this list it is not wonder so many are out of whack. So no more meatball subs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cereal and milk unless almond milk maybe πŸ™‚ yes eating this way should sure start to whittle me down πŸ™‚

  3. I am sorry to read that you have been diagnoses with acid reflux – nasty stuff as you already know. Now that you have an understanding of what’s been going on all this time that you’ll be able to go on a healing journey – it seems like you have already started. My thoughts are with you Eunice. BTW, love your winter scenes down at the shore – when we first moved to move back in 1991 we lived on Scarborough Beach, right next to the jetty and we used to love watching the horses train on the beach during the winter. Your images took me back home ~ take care and thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

    1. Yes I have a lot of work to do and I am staying focued so it doesn’t get worse who knows maybe it is the new shot I take making my gut act up I must read the insert next time lol

      The beach is gorgeous no matter the season up here I am so spoiled wish you were just up the street now πŸ™‚

      1. We would have fun together looking at the ocean through our artistic eyes – think of the colors and energy/movement we’d see. Enjoy the view for both of us.

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