Before Going Out To The Movies

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Playing with my art supplies

Before setting out to meetup with our movie night group to see “Little Woman” I laid down some mask and let it dry on hot press wc paper. Once dried I dropped in a triad of color to mix by itself on wet paper. Now as I watch the wildlife just outside my windows here in New England I will try to keep them fed so I can finish this one and start another it feels good to paint once again blog too!

Feet from where I sit and paint during the winter

Lousey photo, too much movement. I must train them better to sit still πŸ™‚

Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Before Going Out To The Movies

  1. The picture turned out wonderfully. I’m amazed that you have bluebirds. I think that I’ve only ever seen a bluebird once or twice in my life.

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