Crazier Than Normal

Not sure why I am compelled to step up and give of myself by way of volunteering but it seems I went from so much free time to none are you that way as well.

Volunteering for community based events and the garden club have taken on an a life of its own. The self-watering container in town will be emptied this week and the soil inside them added to closeby garden we do. If we get a warm day where we can use the hose, a bleach solution mixed with dawn that will get them back to bright white and germ free for next springs Pansies. We will leave the leaves for Butterflies as well as all other bugs and maybe they will do their work on making the soil even better and feed a few birds.

I am also a member of our library group that holds books sales, scarecrow events and the like but I have to tell you about our latest! We pulled off a Brewfest with just 5 members to start then a few more joined to make 9 or 10 of us. We bought glasses, event T Shirts and even made beer maps for the attendees we hoped would come as it is a crapshoot weather wise in NH on Nov. 2nd.

As we planned another member of our team reached out to all she knew in town to get volunteers. None of us had done this but I knew we could and it would bring in much more money than a bake or book sale. When I start something that I know will benefit many there is no stopping me but even this for me was daunting starting with our chairperson who was dead set against it from the start and refused to help in anyway.

In the end it doesn’t matter as we raked in $15,000.00 and those who attended want us to do it every year from now on! I just hope we can get some twenty year olds to give back by way of volunteering, as we are not spring chickens.

Here is a photo from our famous dragstrip in Epping NH with a group of 400+ sampling craft brews from 20+ local brewers. Food trucks and live music we went all out for our first of course and listened to the feedback which is still coming in from our happy attendees and will add to and let go of other not necessary items but we will have a firepit! 🙂

Beerfest in Epping NH
1st Center of the Universe Brewfest

We are well into fall here in New England with the promise of higher heating bills and aching backs soon to follow grrr you know how much I dislike the snowstorms, power outages and the loss of light that is the worst of my list here. I do have much to look forward to though like all my birds coming to feeders that sit clean and awaiting those naughty bears to take cover for a bit. I will sit by my window overlooking the river and paint a lot more than I have had time for or desire to.

Nice to catch you up here on my blog now to curl up evenings and see what you have all been up to as I missed you but was just out straight.

Take care

16 thoughts on “Crazier Than Normal

    1. Not sure I could but maybe for 3 months a year lol

      I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday Dor ❤

  1. Wow, such a lot of money! Oh, well done Eunice! Your community activities must be a lot of hard work, but rewarding too. Hope you get a rest soon!

    1. Resting now cleaning up gardens in town for winter first snow arrives Friday.

      I love volunteering if I have good people to work with 🙂

      15,000.00 total raised now to pay for the beer

  2. Hi Nut for Treasure! Great article and I love to volunteer too. Although my life then gets crazy busy and I wonder why I did it. Anyway hope you are well and I look forward to reading more articles soon, touch wood. xxx

    1. Thanks it was a huge success lots of happy people so in the end it was worth every minute of sleep lost 🙂

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