Loving the Weather

So many in the US have awful weather but for the most part the area of NH I call home has enjoyed 80’s and 90’s with rain just when we need a good soaking. This has helped a lot as all I seem to do these days is mow and trim weeds. I may need a goat as I am now covered in Poison Ivy/Sumac and never had it bother me before.

This is a perfect spot to capture shots of all who stop by for a drink or some fresh bugs even the bugs(dragonflies) find plenty to their liking.

I still must force myself to get back to watercolor with all this action and work it seems to no longer be a priority. Guess I have just gotten so involved in so many projects it has taken a backseat. I will bring my paints out tonight as the heat from the day fades and just get a wash onto the paper and then see where I go from there. I do not have a creative block as I create stuff daily just still grieving I guess.

The Hummers fight over who will use the swing I hung up for them.

I am in our local garden club and am involved in pulling off a Brew Fest to raise money for the “Friends of the Library” now to get all the people together and the forms filed with all agencies and town officials. We will hold the event here at our own 1/4 mile dragstrip New England Dragway and Motorsports

New England Dragway

Burnouts always happen here.

You would not think it would be a lot of work to pull off a 4 hour event but it is. We will set up early tear down after and help get the track put it away for winter.

We are hoping for a successful fundraiser so we can do many things for our library which is getting an addition finally as the 50’s building was not meeting the needs of an aging population.

Garden Clubs matter

Got to run it will be 90 today and I water the plants right after I finish coffee.

Have a great day everyone sorry about the large photos too busy to go add the smaller ones.

Stay safe!

15 thoughts on “Loving the Weather

    1. Thanks so much Judy. We were supposed to get heavy rains and storms but I see no water in my gauge work before the heat arrives thankfully we know this lesson 🙂 Pace yourself

  1. Hi Eunice, your yard is so cute! The flowers and hummingbirds make it even better. We’ve been having hot weather here in the north country but cooler at nights, good sleeping weather. Have a wonderful day!❤️

  2. Your yard is looking so greeeeen! Great that you are getting both warmth and rainfall – we had drought until early August but the grass is turning green again now. 🙂

  3. I didn’t come to England to escape the heat specifically, but we’ve definitely seen our share of rain. I’m happy because I’ve seen my youngsters 🙂 🙂

  4. I love your quaint library! Our Exeter garden club supported the library’s garden project with two grants. What a adorable themed garden they developed!

    1. Yes then we had to remove it all for progress and will do something amazing with our garden club members.

  5. Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry to hear that you are covered in Poison Ivy. That got me terribly back in February. I wound up having to take pills to shut down my immune system it got so bad. Ow! I hope by now that your itchy misery is over with and all is well again! A goat just might be what the doctor ordered 🙂 I’ve jokingly discussed that very topic here as well.

    How did your event go? I hope y’all were able to successfully raise all the needed funds to improve the much needed library. I wish more would do that around this country! Libraries are special places.

    NH sounds like a wonderful place to live and I love your little spot in it. Hoping your day today is beautiful, blessed and peaceful. 💕 ~ Holly

    1. Thank you Holly just about healed but there is still time to catch more lol frost will not be here for a month or better.

      Now I am thinking about a highland cow 🙂 then free manure.

      We are holding a event Nov. 2 for the Friends of the Library and our plant sale was awesome town now looks like fall is on it’s way.

      I love New England for sure but NH has my heart.

  6. Love the hummer &the flowers. Are those hibiscus? They are gorgeous.
    YES, get a goat! If I didn’t live in the city, I’d have one. They are adorable creatures & will eat the grass and weed where you don’t want to go!

    1. 🙂 then I would have to care for them trying hard to work on just me for once in my life ❤

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