The Bugs Have Arrived

Cardinal Meadow-hawk Dragonfly
Cardinal Meadowhawk in VA BEACH
Eastern Pond-Hawk
Eastern Pondhawk in VA BEACH
Dragonfly close-up
Eastern Pondhawk in VA BEACH
Dragonfly at rest
Halloween Pennant in VA BEACH
Damselflies of all colors
At my home in NH
Another close-up shot
VA Beach Heat Wave brings out the Dragonflies

15 thoughts on “The Bugs Have Arrived

    1. Yes then four hours north west VA to meet another blogger great trip just not long enough ❤

  1. They certainly have arrived! I’m not a big bug fan, but these are gorgeous, and so are your shots. You have many talents, Eunice! xo

  2. You have very nice “bugs” but you ought to “wrap” your images in words so Google knows what to do with them.
    Just my 2 cents.

      1. Sorry, wrap them in text. Google doesn’t know what to do with pictures. Describe each dragon fly. You probably have the description in the metadata filled out but put a heading about the cardinal meadow-hawk. Then describe the scarlett color and its habits and habitat. Then move on to the next one, repeat.

        That’s all…
        My input on blogging…

      2. OK I will try to get better at that I never think about Google 🙂 Thanks so much I started out with stories from New England and Poetry lol now I paint and take too many photos.

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