SUMMER Yes Really

Permaculture “Herb Spiral”

Summer is really here at least on the calendar. It has been a sad but perfect spring as I push myself to finish my projects, shopping, digging, planting and then as if timed perfectly the rains arrive and do the watering for me.

I tore the pretty patio out last year man even with a machine it was hard with a machine and this fat old age lady at the helm and filled bucket after bucket with bricks and concrete and dumped them out of the way. Along came spring this year and the thought of snakes entered my mind as I looked at that heap, nope don’t like snakes so time to do something.

I saw a piece on Permaculture on Facebook yes that damn time sapping thing many are now lost without. Well I use it for the right things for me anyway. Photos, Art and keeping in touch with our other garden clubs and all their happenings. I keep in touch with friends near and far as well as a few family members and some I met on there how exciting just as I was running out of loved ones in come new.

So back to this garden above, it is called a Herb Spiral that I made in 4 hours with that pile and my Deere. I then filled it with super soil and organic compost and let it sit for just about a month to let it settle as the directions I read said to. Then came the plant sales by other garden clubs and I went in search of some lovely items to grow for my kitchen needs. As you can see in a photo I took a week ago they are healthy now to get me back in the mode of eating right. I lost 20 pounds that month I worked the gardens and seem to have found half of it back as sadness I never thought would feel like this really kicked me hard.

Raised beds new and old now are filled with all kind of yummy veggies just needing SUNSHINE

Raised beds are the only way to home garden.
Sugar Snap Peas

My life is so not what it has been the last 12+ years with JT now gone but I can not think about raising any more animals so the wildlife and Watercolors will have to someday fill the void though I swear this is so hard and those of you who have shared a life of constant companionship with a pet know all too well, others who haven’t will never get it.

Female Whitetail Deer my new weed trimmer

Signing off for now I should go pick some greens and peas and begin my diet in earnest once again.

17 thoughts on “SUMMER Yes Really

    1. Thanks hard work but now as it fills in more daily it is working awesome πŸ™‚

  1. You are busy and Mother Earth is tending to your sadness. Keep tilling and planting Eunice. There are already rewards even before the harvest.

  2. Hi Eunice, you are doing the right thing for yourself by working out in nature and enjoying wildlife. The hurt should subside eventually but the love you had for JT will always remain. I still miss our Katie and talk about her a lot. Maybe that’s my therapy and way of dealing with it. Soon we will bury her little box of ashes in a special place in our yard. Tom said he’ll find a nice stone to mark it.
    Nice job with your spiral garden! Love it! Enjoy the fresh herbs and veggies! ❀️❀️❀️

    1. ❀ Thanks so much I am at peace knowing we will rest together in the gardens. My best to you both Ron added a stone for JT as well ❀

  3. I have often thought about making a spiral like this, but so many other jobs to do first! Yours looks great – quite elaborate too! Those peas look good as well. Keep up on the garden work and you’ll soon get rid of a few pounds again Eunice. Hope you start feeling better soon – time heals, but it is very hard, I know. Hugs. xx

  4. You are great at hanging in! I feel your loss. JT was a beauty. My cats are old now. Jeepo is almost 14. I don’t know what I’ll do without her!
    Anyway, your art is fabulous. I’m headed the art way myself. Take care ❦❦

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