Filling My Days

I have been filling my days non stop since April 2nd and I am getting things done.

I have fed the the flowers all over town and stood up in a fight over our local library edition
and still fighting Liberty Utilities proposed 2.5 Billion gallon LNG tank project in my tiny town.
I was just sworn in as the new Treasurer of our NHFGC (State’s Garden Club Group) added a new door to my future art studio and got my garden ready for adding plants on Friday in between getting a float ready in my yard for Monday’s parade. I will then try to rest Monday Night and Tuesday and head to the coast for Watercolor class at Strawberry Bank. No matter how hard I try to work she is still missing from my side I am hoping the 3 daily trips to the ocean and painting in a style unlike mine will get me back on the right path with just caring for myself will be the main focus.

The colorful birds I share my world with are now starting to bring their young all the while raising more clutches. These are the bright spots.

Friend's of the Epping Library support their friend and leader Charlie who is trying very hard to keep within our $600,000 budget for the addition.
Friend’s of the Harvey-Mitchell Library
Working with Building Owners and Shop Owners to bring even more color to our town's Main Street with 4 new self-watering containers. Epping Garden Club of NH

Pulling Main Street Together

Folsom Mill Studio under construction
Studio gets a new door
Getting ready to plant Memorial Day
Now to add soil and compost. I said I have been trying to stay busy.

I will continue on this journey plugging away and in June will take some time to see loved ones and a special blogger along the way.

Happy Memorial Day though it is a solemn day not sure when HAPPY was added.

7 thoughts on “Filling My Days

    1. I just can’t shake it most days maybe a few more months and pain will lift some. I can hardly wait to head south so I can hug you in person ❤

  1. Those raised beds are looking good Eunice. Yes, keeping busy helps and the pain will ease. But time is the best healer. Have a good weekend and enjoy your class next week. xx

    1. Thank you Cathy I filled them with sweet soil and plants and seed gave them a drink now for sunshine to make them grow.

      I am scared but excited for the class to begin on Wed. now to bring 12 images for me to work from I do not know how to pick one never mind 12 🙂

      I never thought her no longer in pain would wreck me like this so I will stay busy get everything done in my control paint freely as this artist does then I will go see my aunt and uncle I need family as my close ones have their own agenda.

      I will catch up to your blog tonight while I rest my body xo

  2. Eunice, it sounds like you are busy with things. Nice raised beds as well as your studio door. I hope it gets easier missing your precious dog! Lots of hugs to you! ❤️🥰

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