Not Good At Being Selfish

No longer wanting to see JT, my beautiful border collie, living on pain pills as her only option we said goodbye just before supper Tuesday night.

I am trying so hard to remember the joy she brought us from the moment we laid eyes on her almost 13 years ago. The house is so quiet without her and she was a quiet dog but there were those times when she would bark when squirrels came or company. Her squeak toys now silent and she had over a 1000 toys knowing the name of each and every one we lovingly name for her.

You pet lovers have all been through this, as I have 16 times before her, but each one leaves me sobbing one minute and pushing through daily routines the next. I miss her so much my beautiful black and white shadow who loved me just as much. It would have been selfish had I filled the prescription again and kept her comfortable as I have been doing since the vet placed her on them in late Nov. Once I could finish her grave(had to wait for the ground to thaw) I called a vet I had for years, no longer being JT’s but knowing it was time he came to the house so she would not be scared.

Thank you all for following us through photos of our trips here there and everywhere.

border collie on the beach
My little beach bum

31 thoughts on “Not Good At Being Selfish

    1. I will and thanks so much I was blessed with so many wonderful memories for that I am grateful.

  1. Oh Eunice, I am crying with you. She was such a great companion for you. Those walks you had on the beach together were something special. So sorry she is gone. My thoughts are with you. Yes, I know how it feels too. xx

    1. Thank you Cathy her little body gave all it had she is no longer in pain and we are suffering 😦

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand (as every dog lover does) every single word and the sentiments they express. Life changed so dramatically when we lost Miss Pup last August.

    1. Thanks you. I love animals but I am now done I can’t take any more heartache 😦

  3. I just got your painting.
    You are so incredibly talented.
    I hope you know how true this is.
    I am going to the frame shop tomorrow to figure out how to best display your remarkable art.
    Love to you & TJ forever.

    1. Not a painting so do not spend a lot. It is a signed and numbered Giclee tell them no need for special care I say.

      JT passed away on Tuesday night.

      1. Extra special care and a frame that is worthy of the art. It is going in the front hall so all who come here see the shining talent of my friend Eunice.

      2. Awe thanks Cindy I am glad it fits your decor you just never know when you have never met or seen their place xo

  4. Eunice, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss honey. We just lost our sweet Katie in early March and it’s finally settling in. Prayers for you ❤️🙏

    1. So sorry for your loss I hate that no matter how good to them we are they leave us too soon ❤

      1. She has been gone 28 days and I still miss her so much. I am staying busy when the weather allows for me to be outside just not the same without her ❤

        I hope you are doing OK the weather needs to warm slowly. I have peas, cauliflower and lettuce growing I am daring or my mind is not fully in the game.

        Got good news yesterday a WC has been chosen to appear in a calendar for Families First one of 12 artist's chosen very much an honor to do my part to help but shocked me at the same time 🙂

        I have been so bad about blogging but I need to get back on the wagon and catch up on all of you I follow,

    1. I do too and yes this was something I knew was coming and thought I was ready 😦

  5. I still love all of my many cats passed. I adored JT, and it was just from visiting her, here. My deepest condolences, Eunice. She will be in your heart, always. -Resa xxoo

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