Another Year Older and Time To Vote With Conviction

A Shy Male Northern Cardinal

Well I made it through another birthday not quite something to sing about but 63 and doing more now than ever before it seems. I believe I have finally accepted what life has thrown at me and once again found a purpose, for me that is huge.

I have been working with other concerned citizens here in town to stop a huge energy company from coming into our town and placing a very large LNG tank and pipes that will in time leak, into our rural as well as residential area.

In a time where we should be working to move away from fracked gas and oil and turn to wind and solar they pick our town, well for me they will not without a fight. Which means writing letters, attending meetings up in our State House and spreading the word to all who are ready to hear. Today I will go door to door passing out info on a warrant article on Tuesdays ballot, that we fought hard with a petition to get on in time.

I live in a town that is very apathetic and not many even go out to vote. I hope many will care enough to show up this year and vote yes to tell the PUC and SEC our little town says NO. It is hard when you are fighting a company with billions to pay to get their project through. We have one thing on our side there will be no weather system they can use for an excuse. πŸ™‚

Male Eastern Bluebird

I have been teaching Watercolor privately and even taught 16 children the other day at our local library, this class was free and I bought the supplies for them to paint their masterpieces.

This Monday I have a student who is now a friend having me to her home to give a lesson to her and a friend, I am excited to show another person some magic. On the 22nd I can teach at the local gallery if anyone signs up for the class.

JT is still holding on

JT is still hanging in there with sheer will but I will lay her to rest by May I think, which is when she will be 13. I will be in bad shape when she goes but she has had a wonderful life and given us one as well and I need to do what I think is right. I am not sure how I will heal after this as she has been my world since I first laid eyes on her. We all know the pain of loss.

Watching Me

I will sign off for now in order to get ready to greet my neighbors I hope you have a wonderful weekend, for those up here Spring is coming!

My latest Watercolor

20 thoughts on “Another Year Older and Time To Vote With Conviction

  1. As always I love your water colors. The pink/salmon hues in this one are gorgeous. I am also so impressed with your civic duty determination. I once fought with the whole country against the construction of a regional airport. The runway would have been my new view. We got it to a referendum and won. So hang in there. It is amazing what a community pulling together can do. I am also already crying for you and JT. So so hard.

  2. Hi Eunice! Belated Happy Birthday wishes! 63 is my lucky number, so it must be a good year for you! πŸ˜‰ I wrote you a mail to let you know the picture arrived and how much I love it. Thanks so much! xx It brought tears to my eyes to hear about JT. Our dog (Gina) is around 13 too and when she was poorly recently it made us realise how precious the time left with her is. Good for you with the petition and vote. We recently had a referendum on getting new laws in to protect our wildlife and insects from pesticides and they managed to get well over the number of signatures needed to make it binding for the Bavarian state government to do something! Take care, and have fun with your painting! πŸ™‚

    1. I saw your email sorry I have had no time to reply but I shall xo
      Sorry about your girl
      I pray you are right about 63 πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you xo
      Enjoy your trip I will send stuff in a few days so it is there when you arrive home.

  3. I completely understand when you said you made it through another birthday when you are not young any more… I am so sorry to hear about JT. That would be very difficult time for sure. Please take care.

  4. Eunice, you are doing wonderful and meaningful things, keeping you busy but with a purpose. Good luck with the vote! I’m attending our local town meeting on Tuesday. Our selectman are trying to dissolve our local fire department due to politics and want the town to pay a neighboring town to cover. I wish for our town to keep the fire department as it’s a proud institution and we need the fire coverage. If we dissolve it we would have to wait for the surrounding town to cover and pay them an annual fee.
    I wish I was closer as I would take a watercolor class with you, it would be fun! Have fun teaching your classes!
    You are going through a hard time with your dog, at the same time we had to put down our beautiful cat Katie. She was my baby girl and I raised her with our boys. She was 15 1/2 and got sick with kidney disease and thyroid problems. Even under medication, she stopped eating, even her favorites peanut butter and zucchini bread! We nursed her for two weeks but she would only eat a few treats a day as she was in pain. In the end she was very weak and wobbly, not eating, and fell down four stairs. That was our sign and the fact that she slept near me every night. It was her way of telling me to let her go. We both went in when they put her to sleep and then Tom had to leave as it was emotional. I stayed with her and chanted her name and said I’d see her over the rainbow someday as they did it. It was one of the saddest moments of my life.
    I will be thinking of you as you go through this pain. One day at a time. Look for signs that JT is ready. You will know. We did in the end.
    Blessings to youπŸ’œπŸ˜˜

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful note ❀

      Fight like hell to keep your fire department or you will just have cellar savers 😦 We have mostly volunteer here as well.

      My cat was 17 when she left me July 2nd and if we make it to JT's Birthday she will be 13 with kidney disease I just wish commercial food did not help them to live such a short life.

      I wish you were closer too though I go lots of places that may be close to you πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for listening we all know this loss.

      Sorry for yours again.

  5. My heart is breaking for you. I’ve had to make that pet decision too many times in my life. Your bird photos are super!

    1. Bless you it never gets easy so she is my last xo
      These birds have all my attention can hardly wait till they are off raising young πŸ™‚

      So I can focus lol

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