Cold Will Continue Till Monday

The cold is worsened by the winds that have been fierce here lately.
Every bird in the forest is here filling up on beef fat and Sunflower seeds and warm water I offer them in a heated birdbath.

I clean the house and take bird counts for Ebird do you do that? I list their numbers for a certain time period and some photos of my visiting species
some I can tell if they are males or females others I can’t.

I have been painting but not 5 a day anymore lol trying new things some are not what I wanted but I have fun anyway. This one I loved but then did not stop now to continue to play just for the sake of play. It is lighter but a bad photo.

I will be giving a free 2 hr class to students during February vacation I asked for the 9-15 year old range maybe I can turn them on to art and fun and keep them off the street 🙂

Watercolor Daisies in an abstract work in progress
Work in progress 🙂

I took JT out for a half hour walk it was all we could stand.

Border Collie 
JT a 12 1/2 yr old female I love to pieces

Future spot for artists  set up in the gardens
All new gardens sit under the layer of ice hope I chose tough plants.

Have a great weekend!
GO PATS! lol You know I love our team and Tom “The Goat” Brady

14 thoughts on “Cold Will Continue Till Monday

  1. Beautiful bird and art, Eunice! You and JT stay safe and warm–it’s been exceptionally bitter here too with the winds. How exciting about your upcoming class…know you’ll all have a fantastic time! ❤

    1. Thank you. You stay safe up there we will get 1 to 2 foot of snow time to try out that new tractor on snow 🙂 GO PATS!

    1. Yes down here we may have 4 hours of rain and ice on top of the deep fluffy snow hope he can shoot a video of me 🙂 Stay safe and no shoveling xo

      1. Biggest thing will be staying warm I was too tough to buy one with a cab lol You stay safe do you have a plow?

  2. We have a snow blower… tough if snow is really wet. But, we have great neighbors with plows who keep our snowbanks at the ends of drive pushed back. Stay blessed and take good care of you, dear Eunice! ❤

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