Off Into The Woods We Went

With my girl not doing well we had been sticking close to home for the last year but it was nice out yes in the mid 30’s F and I surprised her with “Do you want to go for a walk in the woods? To which her reply was a wagging tale as she ran to the door to wait for us.

My Girl JT soon to be 13

So with camera in hand and a happy dog the two of us old folks set off for a trail that runs off behind my barn(future studio) to begin our walk.

It is a mixed forest with so many varieties of trees and plants.

There were places where snow was still visible as well as patches of icy areas we had to be careful of none us needed another injury.

All the rain and cold temperatures made for a pretty landscape.

I spotted something round up in a tree a little further ahead and pointed and asked “You know what that is to Ron?” he had no clue I did but used my zoom to make sure.

not with my zoom

This one is though

Porcupine in NH Forest
Ever get that feeling you are being watched well we were.

We kept walking and did for just about an hour as she is not well and it had been a while it is all about my girl these days

Border Collie in the woods
On the scent she tends to get a bit to far ahead so I call her back you never know if hunters have set traps out here.

I think I needed to get out here more than she did. Just so pretty in these woods I have called home for 30 years.

NH Forests
Round rocks remind me here in the Granite State of possible floods as we all know I deal with constantly do to a lake further back being released.

Vernal Pool in NH
Vernal Pools dotted today’s walk in the woods. Don’t let the ice fool you it was so beautiful out.

Tree Tops
Trees, what can I say you all know I dig trees.

Thanks for joining me.

Merry Christmas

9 thoughts on “Off Into The Woods We Went

  1. Thank you Eunice for a truly lovely Christmas wish! I enjoyed your walk in the woods and am sending my wishes to you too. Happy Holidays my friend and many more from Dor.

  2. Lovely post, Eunice!!! Your girl wins the beauty contest, though. Would you give her a pet and a hug for me. She won’t know it’s from me, but she’ll know it’s love.
    Wishing you all the best for the New Year

    1. I will tell her is is from Resa xo I will travel in the near future we will have to meet at the Canadian Border 🙂 xo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      1. I do not have a passport I remember when I could truck all across Canada with out one Mexico too 🙂

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