Autumn Given The Bum’s Rush

Yes sad to see Autumn pushed out by our first snow which for me is always too early πŸ™‚


But with this monster I made it all go away quick as it fell.

These shots are from the day before

Yard is now under water that froze

They filled up before the snow arrived.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here in the States.

19 thoughts on “Autumn Given The Bum’s Rush

  1. Hi from the United Kingdom where snow is a rarity. No need for snow plows or snow tyres here. I love it when it snows but hate driving in it. Happy Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to be in New York a couple of years back for Thanksgiving and it was such a wonderful celebration. Great pictures. xx

    1. Thank you and you are so lucky to avoid all these traffic nightmares πŸ™‚ NYC is AMAZING anytime of the year I am so happy to hear you enjoyed your visit!

      1. Do I follow you on Facebook? I know I added recent paintings there I will see if I saved them to my computer.

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