September and the Heat Continues


August made it onto the top 10 list for the hottest of all time here in NH and September continues to look the same here on Labor Day, we are in the mid 90’s.

One good thing about the 12 inches of rain that swamped up this summer is all of the gorgeous garden flowers we have.

I took this a a friends home where a fellow garden club member lives. He decided upon moving into the new house he did not want a lawn so soil was roughed up and seeds purchased from  Vermont Wildflowers with whom I am getting ready to place an order with as well.

His sea of yellows and oranges were offset with pink, purple and white Cosmos like these beauties above. I could spend days in a meadow like this and never get tired of trying to capture their beauty.

Happy Labor Day to all of you from the States hope you had the day off and cooked on the BBQ.


8 thoughts on “September and the Heat Continues

    1. Tomorrow it will be nuts again but then bad storms from the lake region here south and east I just want a little rain 🙂

      The show I am in thankfully is Friday night when it is cool and quiet 🙂

      Stay safe if it heads your way.
      Are you coming down for the seafood festival?

      1. That’s good the weather will be nice for your show. We are going to Maine for the weekend so we hope for nice weather and no rain. Where is the seafood festival?

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