Making Giclee

I have decided since the theft the best way to sell my watercolors for now is as a signed and numbered Giclee print.  I will make some of my original pieces available in runs of just 250.

So my shop on Etsy is open with the first 5 being offered.  FolsomMillStudio

Now that the printing process has been completed by a local couple and I can offer exact images for my art I feel so much better. I am offering them for $35 each.

I am working each day on my space here mowing, weeding, planting and dreaming of what is to come.  My knee pain is just about gone with this new diet so slow and steady I will work to get strong again.

You poor people with fires pushing you out we seem to be getting your rain and trust me we do not need it.  Some of our local fire fighters have been sent to help so yes we all know about you being in harms way.  We are so sorry please stay safe.

12 thoughts on “Making Giclee

  1. You are such a talented human creature. You put all of us to shame. I wonder how many people know you drove a big-rig over icy mountain passes in winter. You have always impressed the hell out of me.

    1. Too funny it is where I most days wish I was so I fill it with time with my mate, dog and nature camera and paint I really am doing poorly at filling that void.

      Thank you for all your support from the start of my blogging attempt 🙂 You have also blossomed into a rock star I must also say xo

  2. I’m lost on this one Eunice. Did someone steal your art? If so, very sorry to read about this and best wishes that your new shop and signed/Giclee prints pave the way for your art being in collectors hands once again. I didn’t know that you used to drive a big-rig – how cool, awesome background tidbit – you are one diverse and talented woman. Love it my friend.

    1. xo Thank you yes 30 years 3 million miles the road was where my heart was 🙂

      Flash forward Watercolor has her hold on me learning each day to play.

      This week I will be on a 5 day Junket from Maine to NH having a go at Plein Air hold your laughter lol it may look like my attempt at drawing 🙂

      OH yes she stole mine and 20+ other Artist’s works.


      1. So funny, but you sure will have a good lot of fun! 3million miles, oh my goodness Eunice ~

        I must have missed your post on who stole your artwork. Was it someone from wordpress, ebay, or other site? Or was it someone at an artfair or gallery. I am interested to see how this all turned out.

      2. She moved into our town sucked all of us in with a poor pitiful story and we left our things in her consignment type shop she set up in her then boyfriends home. She had believe the place was hers and he was her private builder boyfriend who did so much work to renovate her barn space.

        None of it was true so when he caught her in something he threw her out and gave her 6 months to find place for new shop but she forgot to call all of her vendors and instead rented a uhaul and moved our things 2 towns away leaving behind a string of bad checks and many missing pieces from each of us.

        So now me personally am more motivated to finish my barn and get it ready for classes and a place locals can show their work.

        Adventure at my age and with my past is not what I am after a good place and piece of mind is all I seek 🙂

        We all must wait the 15 days for our mail to be returned before heading into court.

      3. OM goodness Eunice – what the heck is wrong with people these days? Don’t answer. Just so disappointing that this nonsense happens, and then to hard working artists – bad news.

        I am happy to read that you are remodeling your barn, because if anyone is going to make things happen it will be you. Perfect for your classes and then as a shop – I think in the end this will be the absolute best deal going for your business, beautiful art and other artists work. I’m loving the plan and you know only wish you the best – this dream of yours will happen.

      4. HUGS Thank you lots of work but I am ticking each project off 🙂 come spring I will have beautiful front glass door, new roof this Oct. gardens in bloom river within it’s banks 🙂 I pray and then I will set up tables and lights within the barn still need it painted still waiting for my son as I would love an art installation. I want a wrap around deck with pretty seating with the tractor I can do so much myself Ron helps anytime I yell for him but this is a labor of love. Trucking to teaching lol but I want a place artist’s come to teach their followers too. When it is done I will book a few week long stays for them and see if they love New England. I can rent vans and take students to the sea, farmer’s markets and the mountains. Millions of places they can paint. I am getting excited 🙂

        Yes I will get judgement against her then go to BBB and Yelp with all the other vendors at least we can warn others.

      5. I hear the excitement of your vision in your words Eunice – it will be a wonderful success, no doubt I am sure. Looking forward to seeing how the barn looks finished and then onto your business venture. Things always have a reason for working out as they do – sometimes not as we expected.

      6. Yes Mary for that is so true if I let fear dictate I get stuck but if a door opens and I walk in it is the best! 🙂

  3. OMG! I’m so sorry! Some people are just shameless thieves.
    Still, you are who makes your fabulous art! {{Hugs}}

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