Working Hard On My Dream

Still working hard on my land and what a warm summer it has been to do so.  During breaks I find time to wet my brush and get lost on my white piece of paper.

Watercolor July 2018

8 thoughts on “Working Hard On My Dream

  1. I love the painting. Now that I am starting to try watercolors myself, I have greater appreciation for the works that I see and and looking at them much more closely (and thinking of things like techniques and values and brushwork).

    1. Thanks Mike I do not get much brushstrokes in doing wet into wet but seems to be what I love the most just going with the flow. I will go from the 13-17 th on a hot week with thunderstorms wonder what I get painting outside with real scenes 🙂

      Have fun painting it is all about letting go 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Mary I painted top half weeks before I sat to paint something on the bottom 🙂

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