Happy Fourth of July

So much life happening at the moment it is hard to fit it all in.

I lost my cat on Monday and after 17 years together it is hard though I know she was so very sick 😦 I still wish she filled our space with her beauty xo


JT misses her as do we.

Phase one of my Artist retreat was slow with knee but it is in and mulched to protect is from this heatwave that is consuming so much of the United States I am not complaining mind you, as you all know I despise winter 🙂  I love a week and a half of high 90’s which is better than the same below 0 degrees F.

DSCN1580_green hill wc

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I am also painting but with pain till my brace arrives I will vary my sitting and walking but soon hope to ride a bike no not another Harley but a pedal bike with a baskets so I can go off and sketch and paint in different places as well as my yard.  I think in Aug. I signed up for a week long Plein Air
right here close by with an amazing teacher. I hope I get the hang of it 🙂

I stepped out of my comfort zone a couple of weeks ago and painted live as a Featured Artist during a Farmers Market.  Met some very nice people and sold some cards.

june watercolor

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

16 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July

    1. Just continue to love her and grab photos for you to look back upon hope you have many years left.

      1. Eunice, it was the best! If you like him, check it out when he comes around next. He is quite an entertainer and played for three straight hours without a break! We also got lost getting out of the parking lot and was a few who actually saw him leave the venue and he stuck his head out of the SUV and waved! I felt like a little girl, it was so much fun! Thanks for asking.

  1. So sorry about your sweet kitty. She was beautiful and I hope she was the subject of your watercolors every now and then. You have much talent!

    1. Thanks so much god I miss her so much I can not fathom when my dog goes 😦 You are so kind HUGS

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