Some Days We Just Need To Rest

Memorial Day here in the US can be confusing what with everyone saying “Happy Memorial Day” when in fact it is to remember those we lost on battlefields not so happy at all in fact a rather sad day to reflect upon.

Here most enjoy a parade and a cookout and who knows maybe as we gather more can turn their thoughts over to the family members who never came home from war it is wear to start in my opinion.  Now Veterans Day is to celebrate all who have served and no parties for that day as most work it to get the day after Thanksgiving off truly confusing.

Now to confuse you I have a shot of one of my visiting squirrels contemplating the day before him or her and maybe reflecting upon life while atop of my carved Cardinal.

Wish I had a shot of the flag or of soldiers lost but not forgottenDSCN0698_sqoncarving.

5 thoughts on “Some Days We Just Need To Rest

  1. Good thoughts, Eunice. It is confusing and many have replaced the true meaning with traveling and cookouts. It is to honor those who have served and died for our country. Also many decorate their loved ones’ graves with flowers in memory. I hope you have a restful weekend.

    1. So many things to do at home and today before the rains finally arrived I finished up 2 of our planters in town for our parade on Monday.

      I must take photos 🙂

      1. So many plant sales and planting I need someone to make me salads lol

        I will add them to my facebook and Instagram if you are on either.

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