Knee Elevated Ice On

We have so many 2 and 4 legged visitors to watch what is beginning to occur slowly but surely here. Arbor Day says my 17 specimens should arrive next week šŸ™‚ and I am making the rest of my raised vegetable beds on Mother’s Day.Ā  Ā I was going to ride down to Bourne MA where my parents were laid to rest at the Veterans Cemetery on Cape Cod but I know both of them would prefer I continue with my vision and to smile, they liked to see me smile.Ā  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s. Miss you Mom xo

DSCN0231_for blog
Follow me on Facebook(Folsom Mill Studio)Ā  for more adventure šŸ™‚ till I learn to size these right as I do not know all there is about photography šŸ™‚ just know it is a pure delight to interact with these wild ones daily.

Have a wonderful weekend HAPPY MOTHER’s Day

7 thoughts on “Knee Elevated Ice On

    1. Thank you my place is loaded with action hard part is choosing which ones to take and then share šŸ™‚

  1. Wonderful photo’s Eunice. I know what you mean about sizing them, I am having the same problem in choosing photo’s to fit into my thesis I am doing now .Some of them are much to large and take up a whole page which I cannot count with the 20 pages I have to do. Dying to see more of your photo’s. Happy Mothers Day to you too.

    1. xo 640×480 may work šŸ™‚ still trying to figure it out will share when I know šŸ™‚ Thank you.

  2. Happy belated Mothers Day, Eunice. Sorry to hear about the knee on ice. I understand, as my knees are … not great. I always pack 2 lightweight knee supports wherever I go. ā¤

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