Almost 200 In The Landcape

Boy am I getting some fresh air.

I bought bare root plants for my piece of property from the State of NH on Thursday yes it is only Monday, lol.  I used my tractor bucket to haul them fresh water and saved my knees many hours of back and forth time.  Then it rained a nice gentle rain all night I think.

These trees and bushes were ready to plant as many had their leaf buds all swollen I hope at least 1/2 take though my real hope is that each will thrive here on the seacoast of NH.  The wildlife will love this place even more and there will be so much greenery and blossoms for painting inspiration.

I bought a Song Bird package with 25 plants, 5 each. Such as Elderberry, Hazelnut and Cranberry.  The next package came with 10 Ninebark, then a bag full of 25 Dogwoods Red, Silky, Yellow, Gray as well as alternate leaf variety.  Another has my Deciduous  beauties Red and White Oak 5 each, Silver and Sugar Maples 5 each, Black Walnut and White Cedar too I also ordered 10 extra White Cedar for screening. I also got 10 Spiceberry Bushes.  Then a Christmas Tree package of 5 different varieties for another 25 trees yes I know I should have paced myself doing some in spring and fall but you have to get them when available as most years they sell out.  They ran out of White Birch which I wanted ten of for the rear of my piece of land I will hunt for babies in my yard 🙂

With the trees and bushes in place and my tractor and pile of compost and loom still large I will add shade loving perennials under my grown trees and sun lovers at the bases of others.  I will hit all the local garden club plant sales as I always do being a member of our towns club it is good to support others making this state as pretty as they can.

I have just one more drawing class tomorrow and then I can get back to my watercolors as I sit outside with my girls(cat and dog)and take in all the new scenes this place will have to get inspiration from.

Have a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Almost 200 In The Landcape

    1. Thanks Dor how are you doing? I am pathetic lol I ce up then add a brace to my knee(self doctoring for as long as I can) then I head outside to do battle with this ever changing piece of land 🙂

  1. Me too Eunice Now have a rest ! ” But I bet you don’t” Eunice I don’t practice what I preach when John tells me to stop and rest. I know what it’s like when you want to get things finished ,it is difficult to stop. Good luck anyway.

    1. Lat 30 went into a holding nursery 🙂 I will let them grow a little more than transplant photos soon 🙂

      Today I hope to paint it feels like forever. Took my last drawing class yesterday will enjoy a Masonic Mother’s Day breakfast in town then for 3 weekends in a row off early Sat. mornings for plant sales that fellow garden clubs are holding. Pace yourself too xo

  2. Alright!!! You have planted lots of beauty, Eunice. I am very excited to see what comes of it, whether in photos, or in paintings. This is wonderful. Take care, don’t hurt your back, etc. ❤ xo

    1. back hanging in there but knee is sadly adding stress 😦 so I took some photos and painted oh and iced lol

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