Changing The Scene

Trucks now long gone now to find a new home for the Antique RV.

As I contemplate what my space can be I work hard to lay out a design for gardens, privacy screen and structures to dine under as well as paint at.

You saw my workhorse and soon you will see my pathways and many new trees and bushes for the wildlife to nest in as well as many varieties of berries to sustain them naturally all the while setting a scene for others to paint. I have 200 bare root specimens
to get into the ground this weekend daunting but exciting as well as garden club plant sales for more perennials.

New roof and new slider going on the studio hoping to get a wild paint job by that artistic son of mine. Maybe I will add a deck to the front as well.  I will keep the place rustic but when visiting artists come to learn from teachers they follow I can get them to the mountains, sea as well as lakes and streams we have it all here in New England.  I will have my own organic garden as usual but will be able to offer nice midday meals to the class attendees.

Having a dream is worth all the hard work though many say to me you can do it now your place is so quiet and welcoming but I want it to be a sanctuary for wildlife all the while gardening and painting my way through what is left of my life.

Thanks for stopping by to see the before photo lol

10 thoughts on “Changing The Scene

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful Eunice. Your dream is coming true so hang onto it. Good Luck. Wishing you a great weekend but don’t work to hard doing all that planting ,take your time.

    1. It is all consuming as I bought 15 sacks of bare root native species each bag had 25+ trees and bushes I have 75 to get in the ground once today’s rain stops. I will get some photos when the sun shines tomorrow.

      1. Thanks they are small little sticks with actual leaf buds almost open I hope they love my place 🙂

    1. Hard work right now but I sleep like a baby knowing what is to come for the native plants the animals and finally a place for others to create 🙂

  2. I love the way you are thinking. You are one with your work, your art, your future endeavors and nature. I have an art adventure coming up in the near future. Once it gets going…. more tha it is now, I’ll let you know. You’ll be one of the first. xo

    1. xo my very best to you and if you are in my area you better let me know xo

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