Drawing Class Don’t Laugh No Go Ahead

Yes I finally signed up to learn how to draw again.  Taking classes with a great artist at the same gallery where I try to enter the monthly Theme Shows.

I know my problem with a pen I hurry too much! I am excited to learn but scared at times to fail but really who am I actually failing as you already know I am screwy and unique lol trucking, photography, watercolor now drawing it is all who I am time to embrace me and let go.

You can laugh when you take a gander of these first attempts as I know I do but the journey to a better painting will keep me laughing, practicing and practicing some more.
These are done blind well the hand and binoculars and the other students I did fast and blind to start then we moved on to grid work now I can see the possibilities ahead.

Pen to paper look at object and draw never look down to see what you are doing.

My poor teacher done by me FAST SKETCHING and I mean fast!  30 seconds to get then down on paper or really their essence.  They were all female but in mine they appeared to be men 😦 try and try again.


Another Blind Drawing I did here at home for homework


Worked on Bob Dylan using a grid but drawing it while it was upside down.

33 thoughts on “Drawing Class Don’t Laugh No Go Ahead

    1. Thanks 🙂 not easy drawing upside down and in a grid and only seeing one block area at a time but I get the lesson of transfering what I actually see will be all that matter in the end 🙂 getting me to use all of this brain of mine. How are you doing?

      1. Hi Eunice, that is very interesting how you do it. It must be fascinating to be in class and learn the different techniques. I am great, going into spring vacation from school this week. Now that it’s nicer weather up here I can get some yard work done and I”m taking my future daughter in law to Ogunquit Maine overnight one night.

      2. Love the coast of Maine I hope you have a wonderful time.

        Take it easy on the yard and drink water even if you are not thirsty 🙂

        Find good people in your area and you can do it too!

      3. It was so warm and sunny I will have to remember to wear my hat from now on 🙂

      4. Yes pacing myself and already this tractor has helped and I really bout it for winter nightmares 🙂

      1. you as well sun and rain and some warmth as well time to get busy before black flies stop us in our tracks 🙂

    1. Thanks so much having done what I loved for so long then unable to I never see me getting to the same place with this side of me just now being allowed to surface after 50 years, guess I am very hard on myself. I thank you for seeing something in my attempt to let go and just play. Blind drawing is fun and I do love watercolor now to get comfortable with what emerges 🙂

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