Wonder If Spring Is Coming

We sure will welcome it after #quinn

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14 thoughts on “Wonder If Spring Is Coming

  1. Beautiful dog! I have an Australian Shepherd that I just adore! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks my Border Collie is loved as well such smart dogs we have for stealing our HEARTS 🙂

  2. Hello Eunice! Spring WILL come!
    So, I grabbed a few pics of your watercolors from here and Folsom Mills for the post I will do about your art. I will do a spotlight on you at the end of the post with links to this blog, Folsom Mills and Society Six. Are there any other links you feel should be included? I should be posting in about 1 week. I’ll leave a message here when the post is up! Resa 😀

  3. Help!!! Your “Society 6” link does not work! I’d like to get that in the post. S6 sells a lot of product.

  4. OKAY!!!! The post is up! I hope you like it! Your art is fab. If I have made any errors, let me know and I will correct them ASAP!
    Also, feel free to respond to any comments on this post. People love hearing from the artist! 😀

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