Tend To The Ice

We had a very bad 2 week stretch of frigid cold here in New England this January but really just one or two snow events this winter but the ice, we must tend to the ice.

The yard was treacherous before yesterday’s snow and freezing rain arrived now not sure it will move until we have a week in the 40’s to warm the earth so she can begin to percolate and suck all of it in.

This photo is from 2 days ago when I cleared the whole walkway this morning it is covered again by thick ice once again.  Our Boston Bruins could practice out in the yard there is that much ice.

Temps. have to be above 32 F for some products to break it up and with my dog and concrete in between these red bricks it makes it also impossible to use chemicals and besides my yard is totally organic and I like it that way except when we could easily fall and break a bone, it is really that bad out there 😦WP_20180205_12_31_51_Pro  Stay safe with whatever you may have under foot. New England weather if you hate it wait a minute and it will change. via Daily Prompt: Tend

13 thoughts on “Tend To The Ice

  1. Do you have much snow? We have about four feet looming on a nearby snow bank! Not much ice lately but tomorrow it’s going to freezing rain. Usually our driveway is slick because Tom’s tending to everybody else’s driveways. Take it easy on it!😉

    1. We have very little snow but 3/4’s to an inch thick of ice everywhere today it finally thawed from the pines and Roses it got to 40. Stay safe

      1. 🙂 between the cold and ice what a winter though I know we were blessed a few days here and there it is how I make it through 🙂

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