My Instagram Is Back Up

Instagram is Follsommill and my Wix Blog is functional at Folsom Mill Studio man this creativity is hard work never mind Zazzle at Eunice356 and RedBubble etc.  I work hard to make pretty art worthy of a print or a simple card and with 5 sales this week I am so blessed.

We are covered with snow and ice I mean rock hard and slippery ice so I stay in and keep my bones safe as well as my dogs and  I paint then upload images onto products you have all seen, as you have followed me from the start.

Today out of the blue someone from Boston bought a B&W photos I took of sailboats moored here on the coast of New England.  I love that photo but adore Boston.

By now you all know we will once again play in the Super Bowl.  From what I hear 60 % of those who watch football or say they do hate our team and want to see us lose. I get it I do, same old same old right,  lol  NO!   Who wins games like our team we either make it look like the other team never showed up or they come back in the last quarter and make the others cry as they leave the field.

Our team is fired up they want it bad who knows maybe Philly will this year but my heart is with the GOAT. Yes I am a rabid fan.

Here is a few new pieces I have been playing with as I watch them boys come from behind.


11 thoughts on “My Instagram Is Back Up

    1. For me the hard part is picking what I want to get printed. Many of my recent painting have not been added anywhere but I am working hard on that 🙂 pm me your home address and I will mail you a sample of card I have my printer do and I make into blank note cards. I have a bunch of Poppy and Pine Cone ones done by Shutterfly here at home. Trying to decide what cards buyers like best I love the ones I make at Zazzle but not sure if I have seen them from FAA site.

      1. O.k. I will send you my address. I love your new houses and barns impressionistic art. Maybe it is because we live in a place like that… with rolling hills and homes and barns.

      2. My area has 200+ year old barns everyone is now trying to save. When I take down my house I will use barn board for frames 🙂 waste not want not 🙂

  1. WOW Your artwork has come on leaps and bounds Eunice. I love the one with the sheep. I just don’t understand what is happening around the world weather wise do you? Its freezing cold here as well with more snow on the mountains. Most people think it’s always warm in Crete.
    Well take care and stay warm which of course I know you will. PS. How is Ron ?

    1. So far he is well 🙂 building model planes while I paint and watch our wild birds eat what I toss them a boring life for us too scary to walk around the yard we have had enough visits with doctors 🙂 It will be 50F here Sat and Sunday then Monday maybe more snow

    1. Thanks so much 🙂
      So much fun to unwind with color and a paintbrush too icy for us to be out very much but today temps will be in the 50’s they say we will see 🙂

  2. You are so talented, Eunice. As a person living in a family of artists, I appreciate that you made 5 sales in a week! I did a spot on my Graffiti Art blog for a friend of mine who is blind, and an artist. I’m hoping that helps him.
    I’m swamped right now, but when things settle down, Id like to do a spot on your art on my art blog. Something simple like a bunch of pics of your art, links to your blog and where to buy, and a profile at the end. If I may?

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