As We Move Into December

Just wanted to say hello. Sorry I have not been around but besides being busy I blew my knee.  Finally surgery is now just a week away!  It has been a long miserable month but I kept it full with a Scarecrow Contest, Plant Sale and not one but 3 craft fairs the last of which will be Saturday in Rye, NH.

I never put my garden truly to bed as it is now just getting cold at night with warm days and a gimpy gait lol I decided to just let it be I have to laugh as last night I asked him to see if he could get any of my carrots out of the ground as I made a cabbage soup for my week worth of meals.  THEY WERE HUGE!  I had a full warm belly last night.

I have been painting up a storm as I find myself resting a lot more and trying to stay out of pain.  Having lost my mom a year ago the holidays no longer hold family importance. I know it maybe sadness from loss which is normal but I continue to paint as she asked me to.  I will make some hats for men and women in the military and add to our towns tree.
I am also in search of an attorney to help me conserve my place for the arts when I am gone.  Staying focused helps me continue on the path best for me.

Hope all is well in your world this is a new computer so unless you reply I will not find you again though I will see what the Reader comes up with.

Here are a few of my latest attempts of Watercolor.  So many now available as cards.





With that last image let me wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season of fun get togethers with your family and friends.  Travel safely as you shop and try to buy a few things from starving artists,  as I am one who appreciates it greatly.

15 thoughts on “As We Move Into December

  1. Hi Eunice, Just left a reply on my blog for you. Nice to hear you are keeping busy but sorry to hear about your knee. I think I am in sympathy with you there because since falling down stairs a couple of months ago and landing on my knees I am now suffering the consequences.. However, I was lucky I did not break anything. Love your water colours especially of the 2 people walking in the snow, that’s lovely. It will soon be time for the Xmas festivities so I had better get writing out my Xmas cards. Take care and keep up the good work.

    1. Sorry about your fall 😦 Yes making mine out after last craft fair and in the mail before surgery on Tuesday. xo

  2. Sorry to hear about your knee Eunice. Take care! I wonder if JT is still around to keep you company? She must be old by now if she is. Have a lovely holiday season, even if it will be strange without your Mom. xx

  3. Hi Eunice, I’m so sorry about your injury and best wishes to you for surgery and recovery! These water plods are beautiful as the colors are! I can understand how your golidays aren’t the same…family is everything! I hope you can spend Christmas with loving friends! All My Best to you, Mary 💕🙏

    1. xo Thanks so much today I asked my facebook followers who live close by if they wanted to learn and a few said yes 🙂 nothing better than sharing magic 🙂 Hoping PT doesn’t kill me 🙂

    1. Thanks for being one of my supporters xo one week to go hope I bounce back quick I have lots to do 🙂

      1. xo getter weaker with each time he goes to the hospital in a near death situation 😦

  4. EEK! The knee is a ba$!6rd. It took mine years to get better. Nonetheless, healing happened in time. So, I love your paintings, and do you still have the art blog? I haven’t had a notification for quite awhile. Also, my computer crashed, and I had to get a new one. All of my instant addresses were wiped out with it.
    Best wishes for the operation, and I look forward to your next post.
    My mom died 4 years ago, now. My sister 2 years ago. It does take some getting used to. I really look forward to the holiday meal at this point, whoever I have it with. Even toast and jam works.

    1. xo so good to hear from you sorry about your knee they can be rough was yours a acl or replacement? My mom had 3 failures on the right one and successful on the left but cancer took her in the end she begged me to fix mine before I was 80 ouch maybe it was a reminder 🙂
      A butterflies kiss would have been a better visit from her sorry for the loss of your family you are right we must carry on and toast and jam are good. I too had computer issues lots of them and a friend just gave me one of theirs to get me through. We are tough we still rise to the surface to share our fun 🙂 xo

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