Still Hard at Play

Fluidity is what I am going for in this my 3rd year of painting.  Lay it down on a wet piece of paper and walk away.  One on left is on it’s way to being a card for my fall displays and the one to its right I am not sure yet.

Hope you are all doing something you love if even just one hour a day.  Happy September.

To those in TX and now all in the path of these hurricanes lining up one after another know we are praying for all of you.

8 thoughts on “Still Hard at Play

  1. Hi Eunice, Hope you are keeping well. Love the fact that you are so into your paintings it must be so rewarding to have your work on display and people are buying them. I think you began painting about the same time that I began studying Linear B. Keep up the good work and stay happy.

    1. You too! I am in my 3rd year now. Worried about my brother who is still in Florida looking down the eye of the latest hurricane 😦

  2. Hi Eunice. I love seeing your paintings and how your style is developing. So glad you have found this creative outlet in addition to your photography and other crafts. I wish I could paint, but have started crocheting the last couple of years and even if I only manage just a few minutes a day it feels good to make something from scratch – using colour! 😀

    1. I love crocheting once my pieces of art are ready for my shows I too will have a hook in my hand. Thanks for your continue support. xo

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