Lesson Learned

I actually signed up to take another lesson this time Plein Air.

I packed my bag with water for me and my paper on what was to be a beautiful but hot day at my first attempt.  I had the hat but no umbrella.  I had my Easel and actually, even in the wind, it stayed up!  I added sunscreen to my face all day but tanned my arms.  I took out my sketchbook and tried to draw the scene I wanted to try and capture but even though it looked easy it was not.  I also had to set the easel up with my back to the scene I wanted as the white paper in that bright sun would have done my eyes in fast.  Seems there is a lot to this painting a scene outdoors.  I have the equipment, water and the most glorious scene of a Hampton Beach Marsh with a nest of Osprey what more did I need lol LOTS.

I sketched and then added water to my paper lots of it and mixed my pretty blues for an amazing sky then I laid in all my light washes for the scene I do not paint this way but I was going to try.  I saved all month for the $85 fee which included lunch and a critique worth every penny with Doris Rice and her experienced group who will follow her across the world I just personally like her as we are members of SAA in Exeter.

I loved my initial washes lite and pretty it was after all early am along the water’s edge surrounded by a high tide in this tidal area were grassy sections going from yellows to greens to darks I really thought it would be so easy SURPRISE it was NOT!   The next class will be drawing!   I am determined to learn all I can.

I will do it again soon very soon hey maybe down beside my river it is a pretty spot too and how bad can I mess up greens lol if you know painting you know what I face.

Thanks for listening.
Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Well Eunice, you are a determined young lady so keep at it, which I now you will. It will all come together and you will be so pleased with yourself All your blogging friends are so proud of you. I shall look forward to seeing all those lovely colours. In the meantime take care of yourself and enjoy life.

    1. I am Rita I am so busy living finally. Doing things I like and saying no to things I never wanted to do 🙂 How are you doing over there?

  2. At the moment it is so hot over here Eunice that I spend most of the afternoon in my office with the air conditioning on and getting on with the Linear B study. I have one more year to go. We shop early morning around 8-30 before it gets too hot..I will email you shortly and send some photo’s O.K.

    1. OK great! Stay cool it went from 90’s to 70’s kind of liking the chill 🙂 I will send it your way.

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