Shooting for Fabric and Fun

It is a given I love the outdoors as well as trying my best to capture it in photos.  I will begin tomorrow trying to capture what I see with my watercolors.  I am hoping for loose works that are pleasing enough for the judges at NHAA here in Portsmouth who are holding a Paint Out this weekend.  Never having painted a scene from outside or photos well except for that one of my dog the border collie,  it has all poured out from within now some time for fun!  It will be in the 90’s so I will bring squirt bottles to keep my paper wet.  Some for me too.  I will probably find a garden with shade but paint the tree 🙂

Photography is another thing I challenge myself with like getting up close with a totally wrong lens and never using a tripod maybe I should start using one and work towards getting lenses to do what I want.


Have a great weekend

11 thoughts on “Shooting for Fabric and Fun

  1. You are heading towards professionalism Eunice so treat yourself to more professional equipment Better still, let family and friends treat you for your birthday if they ask what you would like. Good luck X

  2. And you too! Sounds like fun. 🙂 🙂 I like the new look you have. I’ll be helping my son move house so not quite so much fun, but necessary.

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