Stormy Days and Gorgeous Evenings

One storm after another races through New England some leaving watered lawns and gardens others wiping out trees and roadways.  Yesterday and today was crazy we got some good rain yesterday nearly a drop today but others can’t get home with severe flooding and roads washed away by the torrents of rain that hammered the VT Border all the way to Maine.  Stay safe if you live up here during this 4th of July to remember.

Here is what we are left with after wild weather.

22 thoughts on “Stormy Days and Gorgeous Evenings

    1. You to Rita I am throwing a 4th of July BBQ for many time for a party it has been 15 years

      1. Lots of work done more this morning then Party starts at 1 I need this 🙂

    1. Thanks first it was this ominous orange glow I was following as I traveled west towards home then this.

  1. Beautiful New Hampshire, our home! We have washed out driveways, roads and downed trees. In the midst of the mess we get a rainbow to remind us of our blessings!💕

    1. I know it saddens me with so much loss and destruction once again I am glad we get to see the beauty of a magical rainbow.

    1. xo Thank you Bette and a safe and wonderful 4th to you and your family.

  2. these are beautiful, and we are going through a period of morning storms and evening beauty here in michigan too – thanks for reading and following my blog and i look forward to doing the same with yours. best, beth

    1. Thanks I often ask those on Facebook “Anyone look up?” no one seems to see the beauty I see in each day 🙂 thanks for seeing lol welcome

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