Still painting but taking photos too


Held our plant sale (garden club) we had a few different types of plants for summer.  I also went to 6 other garden club plant sales to show my support as well.

We were hired by 900 Degrees to complete their outside dining area.
I had placed Pansies there on Mother’s Day and in June hanging baskets and pots of fresh herbs of all types were added for scent and maybe their kitchen staff to use.

900 deck

Such a pretty spot to watch the sun go down on a gorgeous evening in New Hampshire.

13 thoughts on “Still painting but taking photos too

    1. Going in so many directions lol I had 8 yards of soil brought in I will have muscles soon or a aching back lol.

  1. Your paintings are outstanding. I was getting email notices, but who knows now… WP is not perfect.
    Hope you are well! Hey…. at least you’re not shoveling snow off your roof! _Resa 😀

    1. 🙂 not yet trying to fill my days up with summertime feel so it can last all winter long 🙂

      I am on Facebook too 🙂 try to blog more and thanks for your kind words. Hows Canada?

      1. Canada is okay! It’s our 150th birthday this year, so there’s lots going on this summer. yay! it’s summer!

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