My Town Wants To Share My Watercolor

Now to go through them and mat and frame a selection showing my take on this medium.
Scary but fun and so blessed they want to show off my pieces this one has yet to be done more to give you an idea as I am still learning as I enter my 3 rd year of Watercolor.

This is another I am working on


Off to cut mats and fit paintings with particular frames. Β I am excited but scared but so looking forward to demonstrating watercolor at my reception.

Have a great day everyone!

9 thoughts on “My Town Wants To Share My Watercolor

  1. WOW ! You are doing fantastic Eunice. I am so pleased for you. Go girl and show off your water colours. Your mom would be so proud of you. Good luck.

    1. HUGS she must be smiling I am not a taught watercolorist as you all know but the hours I put in have to be just as important I will take photos as I get ready and share in an email with you. Hope you all are OK over there. USA is a crazy place right now the vote now 4 months old, around the time I lost mom and they are still rioting NUTS wonder if they have jobs?

    1. Thanks so much kind of nervous being so new but so much fun to paint with watercolor πŸ™‚

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