Watercolor Lesson


Learning all I can in my Watercolor Lesson. This one is all about trying to get all 10 tones in a piece.  0 -10  White all the way to the darkest dark.  This is not a finished piece I wanted the background to be dark as night and the moon like tonight’s shining bright on the fresh snow. It is a 9″x 6″ study using just one color, Payne’s Gray.

Once done I will tackle one with a little color though I do love a very limited palette

Well when the latest snow storm was done we were left with 15″ of light fluffy stuff to move but walking behind a snow thrower for 9 hours is no fun and we each did that with just one break for supper, two machines and two with health issues I see a tractor by next winter.

Yard looks like the painting above but we have another 15″ to  bury all of our hard work.  Tomorrow 4″ Sunday through Monday 12 give or take COME ON SPRING!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Watercolor Lesson

  1. Wonderful Eunice !! Enjoy your life and paintings. Sorry you have so much snow to clear away and I agree ROLL ON SUMMER !!!! Looking forward to seeing your next colour painting.

  2. What a beautiful painting! I love all the values – just gorgeous. I’m new to watercolor myself and have lots to learn. Great job nutsfortreasure. 🙂

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