It’s February

Not much snow to deal with this year just enough to remind us we are in New England.

Took this the day of Superbowl, as we took a walk into the woods to make up for all the sitting we would do when the game started at suppertime.  We had a nice walk with JT but she comes back more and more lame at just 10.  I hate drugs and since I do not take them I feel bad about giving them to my girl, so we go for gentle walks less leaping for her favorite toy and more of me just kicking a stick for her to chase god I will miss her when she is gone.

I have been painting now with more purpose.  I enter shows not to win but to be seen and grow from the experience.  I am gathering the ones I love and making more cards for this years craft fairs.  I have ideas on what to do with my 3 story barn maybe an artist  in residence,  maybe just a gallery with many artists selling their pieces here.  The dreams are endless thankfully or I would buy another rig and hit the road again.  I promised mom I would stay off the road and continue to create but it is hard when I can no longer pick up the phone to call her.

Not sure if I will keep this blog but if I do I have to remember to add small photos to posts after I just had to delete so many from prior posts that I go and add a huge one.  I will figure it eventually till then I will be here in the background reading yours.

Take care time for me to watch our Superbowl Champions in Boston celebrate once again!

Take care

13 thoughts on “It’s February

  1. Oh ! Eunice please don’t give up your blog we love hearing all your news about your paintings etc., and the lovely JT and of course how you are yourself. Take care and have a good year.

    1. 🙂 I am doing better today 🙂 I will resize any photos I want to share so they use less room and stay awhile. Today it will be 50F and tomorrow a foot of fresh snow to cover yesterdays 5″ of snow and an inch of icy slop I would miss you all as well. HUGS

  2. I do not know you like more snow or not but I do enjoy a bit of mild winter so far. The Superbowl game is great this year. Congratulation to your home team!

    This is a little sad. I wish the very best to you for whatever you decide to do.

    1. Thanks so much maybe it is the lack of light, the extra work to move it 🙂 I am feeling better thanks and with a foot of snow headed here tomorrow I really miss my plow. Once Mom’s estate is settled and home sold I will add new shingles to the barns roof and get some sort of tractor or junk low truck to make our lives easy next season. I love the snow for it’s beauty but it is destructive to body parts. My son in JH has had so much snow and avalanches now a wind storm has knocked out so much power they are are closing ski area so all hands on deck can help get roads clear and lights back on. So I guess I can’t really complain. OMG what a game we know the team fights but never thought they would take it into OT never mind win but the party was amazing in the city of Boston yesterday they deserve it after all they have dealt with.
      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Blog helps to disciple oneself. It can take a lot of time, but still: there is always some hour here and there.
    Photos need to be cut and resized, otherwise they load very slowly when somebody is viewing your post on a mobile device, and I noticed the blog was loading for quite a while even on a computer. Secondly, when paintings are resized, they don’t take that much space on blog. I usually resize from 40% to 60%. You can use Paint or Fresh paint for that just right-clicking on the image and Open with shows you what you can use. It doesn’t really take time, one only has to re-save the image using new name and file format.

  4. I am a Patriot’s fan too and what a game it was! I’m so happy for them and for Tom Brady. We are in NH and just got quite a bit of snow with freezing rain on top of it. It was a messy nightmare for my husband, who plows. I don’t mind snow but looking forward to spring. I hope you will continue your blog, I really enjoy it.😉

    1. I am in Epping we got 5 or 6 then ice and rain cleared it today so we can move tomorrows blizzard 🙂 already have my tickets for Boston Flower Show I know spring is closer than it was in Nov. 🙂

  5. I struggled for a long time to reach your blog. I don’t know why- photo size or compatibility issues? It’s just so nice to be able to ‘pop in’ again 🙂 It’s a lovely nurturing community on here, Eunice, and even if you only post now and then it keeps you in touch. Your artwork is beautiful. 🙂

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