We Laid Them To Rest

Yesterday we traveled through the snow to lay our parents to rest.  Dad gone since 2005 and Mom this past Thanksgiving it was time to join them just 5 days after what would have been their 64th wedding anniversary. They gave dad a service for the time he spent serving America during the Korean War.  Taps was performed beautifully on a snowy day on Cape Cod.  This National Cemetery is so beautiful and well taken care of. All men and woman who serve their country should be laid to rest in the same way.

The Cape was beautiful yesterday but today you will see it buried on your local news stations.  We have about 2″ here in NH. and lots of ice underneath  as we have gravel driveways.

I also added a piece of artwork into the B&W Theme Show at #seacoastartistassociation in #exeternh


Titled “Home”
Watercolor on 140cp

Have a great upcoming week and stay safe out there!

17 thoughts on “We Laid Them To Rest

    1. Thanks this feels right now time to heal and get closer as siblings if there is a way.

    1. Thank you so happy they are back together and we will have each other God willing. Hugs coming to you.

  1. This is very emotional Eunice and I am glad your Mom and Dad are together again. Its sad to have to part with them but you know they are at peace now. No doubt you will still feel their presence from time to time. Best wishes to you for the coming year and even more success with your art work. x

  2. sending thoughts and prayers. I lost both my parents about ten years ago, it is hard. Like your mom though, they were sick and suffering so I am happy they are not in pain any longer, but still miss them every day !! I am glad you got to have a proper good bye for them and that they are back together !!

    1. Thanks so much. I know we will all loose those we love but still very sad when it happens.

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