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Mom is off chemo as it was making her too sick.  My youngest brother and his wife are doing all they can to keep her safe.  We will get together on Sunday to watch Tom return to the football field and we will dine on lasagna, made fresh by my brother with hopes mom will eat like our last visit.  So hard as we age and no longer care or have the need for eating.  You find it hard to sit by, doing nothing.  There is nothing human about suffering when your body is under attack.  I continue to pray for her to feel no pain and to close her eyes one night and leave us peacefully but you all know the suffering most bodies are put through and I worry sick about her though I continue to put on a smile as she needs to be no sadder than she already is.

I had to go and unwind and that has always been on the road, so with dog water packed and batteries charged for all the cameras off we went across the lower half of NH and into VT.
Lots of pockets of amazing color kept my mind busy.  We are supposed to enjoy each of our four seasons  though all of you know winter is not my thing.

I am getting cards printed for 2 Holiday Craft Fairs I will set-up for. They will be of images that will make winter cards.  I will sell some original watercolors, I have sold 4 this month already.  I have a roof to re-shingle so I hope the sales continue.  I will also offer some baby items(crocheted) I will also try to make my table as pretty as I can for the holiday fair.  I did not want to do these shows but mom reminds me I need to live and get my name out there.  So for her I will keep plugging away.

Thanks for always being there.

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    1. Thanks so much Dor life is not easy that is for sure as we all know 😦 take care of yourself any damage to your place with the storm that blew in?

  1. Oh ! so sad that we have to grow old and suffer as your mom has Eunice. Cherish every last moment with her and rest assured that you have been a wonderful daughter to her. You have remained strong throughout her illness. With your mom in mind your art work will flourish I am sure. Take care.

  2. Oh E, this touched me, how strong we have to be. I’m sorry that mum is off the chemo. Growing old and all that it entails puts much stress on only our loved ones, but the family members who watch them suffer. 😥 I hope mum gets to eat lasagne and as you said as much as we don’t want them to leave us, to close their eyes and peacefully leave our earthly coil is also wished. I hope she doesn’t suffer too much pain, your love for her is admirable and that of a loving and strong daughter. Hugs sweetheart ❤️

    1. XO thanks for knowing what I was trying to say. I just spoke to her and told her I would bring dessert and fresh bread maybe garlic as it is good for you and a salad hope she starts with my dessert her 81st birthday is a week from tomorrow maybe pretty cake will lift her spirits as she was a cake decorator her whole life.

  3. I’m so glad the autumn is giving you some cheer. I continue to admire your resourcefulness and creativity as well as your exemplary affection for your mother.

    1. HUGS thanks so much so much hatred out there, as we know the world needs all the joy, beauty and compassion we can muster. xo

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