Now Selling Here

Eunice Miller you may remember this image I took.

me 2016

Now to learn to smile for photos 🙂

This one I just messed with.

I had so much fun selling in Dover NH with a pop up gallery Myrtle Street Gallery
in downtown Dover NH in front of The Chop House!
I also showed my Watercolors off and made more sales in Maine at a Yard Sale and since most shop for Antiques there it felt good.

Mom is hanging in there but hate that her days are numbered I guess all of us are going to be there sooner or later I am just praying she will not suffer horribly.

Happy September to all of you who were wanting cooler temps.  For you who will just be receiving summer I hope it was a nice as mine was.

Fall colors will fill my world then dreadful snow.

Have a wonderful day!

7 thoughts on “Now Selling Here

  1. Hi Eunice, Nice to hear you sold your water colours well. I knew you would. I do feel so sorry for your mom Eunice ,she has suffered so much while enduring those horrible operations. My blessings go out to her. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much Rita they loved my artwork and many originals sold.
      Life’s not fair it seems I just pray she will not have to endure suffering and go silently in her sleep finding peace finally. HUGS to you two.

    1. Thanks so much. She has the best care and many prayers hoping suffering will not get much worse. She has been through enough.
      Love making clothing with my watercolors and photos 🙂 doing what I can to relax when I can.

    1. I love snowy days while I clean or make pretty things it is when I have to throw on all the heavy winter clothing and grab a shovel to move it that I hate it the most as it is back breaking work if I make some cash I will but it aside for a nice warm plow truck 🙂

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