Kind of Lax


You would never know we are in a severe drought here in New England.  My garden is lush and producing easily 20 pounds a day of food perfect when you have no money for the finer things in life, others take for granted.

I have stayed at home to tend to me and the fruits of my labor.  This totally organic all non GMO and mostly heirloom garden of mine.  With so much sun damage, skin cancer I bought my very first pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat. I go into the garden early and late in the day with my girl and her toy.  She rests while I pick and after rinsing them it is her time to play.  Friends say she needs her own Facebook page 🙂 I think a chapter in my memoir will be enough as you all know her.

I received really bad news last week, that after the 2 year battle to get mom back up and walking on her own she has been kicked down bad with hearing she has cancer.  She had the tests every 6 months on her esophagus but had always aced them.  This time the news was bad, it is elsewhere.  She now has it in her liver as well.  She is terminal.  She is trying to hold on to attend her granddaughter’s wedding in November  I say move the date up and let my mom go peacefully, but hey who am I.  I am angry after her fighting so hard to go back home with her cat that this is how the story will end, sad about her being scared but putting in another 6 to 9 rounds in this ring of life.  We made a big deal last Oct. on her 80th birthday as she made it, to now being doubtful for a 81st.  Life is not easy we all know this don’t we but not fair as well.  I will see her tonight and try to speak of old times, fun things and bring soft, yummy stuff, to eat.  Hope she loves Ratatouille and cheesecake.
I have some amazing tomatoes as they are her favorite and at this point there is no reason to avoid any food I want her to delight in their amazing flavor while she can still taste.

I have been inside on hot days crocheting with maybe only two days where I painted but not because I do not want to but because our town is celebrating our 257th birthday and I will be adding a table at the craft fair.  I will have a couple of  fused glass bracelets, some Watercolors and baby hats and booties for sale.  My heart was in it before mom’s news but now not so much.  Push forward and carry on as I gave my word I would take a spot of a now sold out show.  I have all kinds of hats and booties to complete and then package them for next Saturday.  After the 20th, everything the all volunteer committee I have been on for two years, will be behind us.  We will have a parade, craft fair, fun and games for the children and fireworks to complete the celebration.  I pray I am around to see what the younger folks do on her 300th.



I hope you are all doing ok.  I hope for those in the US you have not gone crazy over the presidential race.  We have to know by now what little difference will either make.  My wish is to kick everyone out of Congress/Senate, strip them of their monthly stipend for life and get new blood in, allow them 2 years at a time do something or they are gone.  No carrying the financial burden our country does for those who care so little for their country and those of us who reside here.  Yes I never speak of the crap out there but I am paying attention.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Please be kind to one another.

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  1. Oh ! Eunice I am so sorry to hear about your mom after as you say such a battle. She has been so brave, and you are such a good daughter to her which I am sure she appreciates. Your crochet work is lovely. I love the hats and bootees. You work so hard and deserve much more in return. Take care Eunice.

  2. Signs of drought are everywhere across northern New England. In Vermont the streams are quite low and the leaves on the corn are spiked. Here in New Hampshire, the reservoir for Portsmouth’s the lowest I’ve ever seen — didn’t know there were so many tree stumps in it.
    One place I’ll disagree is in the election: one of the presidential choices is turning delusional and the consequences could be disastrous.
    Back to the daily life, though: savor each day as it comes, even with all the struggles. A garden is a fine way to do that, especially in the abundance of that’s upon us. Now, for the rain that’s possible this afternoon and tomorrow. We’ll consider that a blessing from above.

    1. 🙂 crazy low here in NH. Gardening has been my salvation. Politics is such an energy zapper 😦 I hate what they all do in general 🙂 Bring on the deluge from above

    1. She always thought her heart would just give out like her mothers did at just 50 this was out of the blue.

  3. That is sad news about your Mom, Eunice. My thoughts are with you. Hope you can enjoy some time with her before things get too bad and you can bring a smile to her face too. You are such a good and caring daughter, she must be so proud and grateful that you are there for her. All the best for the show. Those booties really are cute. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much I do try hard to do the right thing but at times it is very hard. Not sure if she can bide time as it is all through her and not much they really can do but I can continue to pray she closes her eyes and lets go when it gets really bad.

      Thanks I will take orders for different colors I whipped up all kinds and even ones for preemies which I love so much 🙂 Thanks again Cathy.

    1. xo Thanks so much Bette I needed veggies bad and they seem to have been provided with hard work and great seeds and killer soil 🙂

      1. We enjoyed fresh green beans and garden lettuce today. Enough summer squash and zucchini to enjoy regularly too. Not enough to freeze/can, but plenty to enjoy right now. Have a fantastic week and enjoy your harvest! xo

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