Another Day In The Garden


Another day in the garden with my friends helping me with bug patrol.  Who needs poison when you have gorgeous dragons patrolling for you. 🙂

Here was yesterday’s  haul just before the glorious rains began to fall and man did it rain and blow, some are still without power and will not have trees cut and cleared or wires back up till maybe Monday afternoon when another batch will come through.  Growing up I do not remember violent weather but in 60 years my has the world changed.


I have been living on Ratatouille


even for breakfast with a poached egg on top. This was a supper for him he needs meat he said lol

We are still in a drought but not like other parts of the US or world. For now I get enough to eat though hardly any Apples, Pears, Peaches and Plums can be found since we had such a cold snap when they needed warmth and bees the most.

Hope you are all doing OK.  I will go through my reader and see if your posts show up.

Have a great week!
Goodnight from us all here in NH


28 thoughts on “Another Day In The Garden

    1. Yes Mom is in Billerica trees came down in sections but not a drop of rain maybe tomorrow fingers crossed.

      1. 😦 we got some down pours and electricity
        out for days in our area but still 7″ below normal rainfall

      2. I grew up in Billerica but moved to NH in 81 lol but worked for a company that sent me out that way a lot.

  1. Your harvest looks mouthwatering Eunice. So fresh. Boy could we do with some rain here. Everything is parched. Enjoy your week ahead. xx

    1. HUGS I fear we will have a rotten winter after being so low in precip. 😦 Hope you get some soon.

  2. I love ratatouille. Not sure about for breakfast – will have to think about that one … You’ve obviously got a knack for catching dragonflies while they’re sitting still.

    1. 🙂 Now I eat to live so time is of little importance to me if hungry I try to make a great choice with what I have 🙂 I do love grits, pancakes you name it but trying to make as many good picks as I can 🙂

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