Garden Filled In and Feeds Me Daily


The garden measures about 16′ X 24′ I have flowers mingled inside with all the veggies as well.  Bring the birds, bees, dragonflies and butterflies to eat the bugs and pollinate was my plan.

I forage for greens each morning with my coffee and JT she is never far from me.  I go back out again to get things for my dinner though I better start adding chicken or eggs to my salad or I will loose all my muscles, which I will need come the end of the season, to put this place to bed.


Radishes, Summer Squash, Zucchini and Sugar Snap Peas with Raspberries were my fixings that went in with my Rainbow Swiss Chard and Spinach Salad.  We are in a drought here but that soil I bought is amazing just the perfect amount of compost makes all the difference.  It is light and fluffy still.  I wish I had grown one of everything.  I have beets, carrots, string beans,corn and spaghetti squash yet to show up but they are growing like mad.


Always have extra help when I go inside the gate.

I have been painting a bit too, here is one of the last three I have been working on.


We got heavy rain for a bit tonight it was glorious and the earth soaked it right up.

Hope you are all having a wonderful and safe week, this world we live in is going crazy so glad  I have these things to keep me away from TV and more bad news.  Pray for Peace on our beautiful earth xo

18 thoughts on “Garden Filled In and Feeds Me Daily

    1. Awe thanks good to know I am not alone.

      Fresh food is best 🙂
      Thank you I loved painting it but it came out so unlike Watercolor lol 🙂

  1. I don’t watch the news anymore, it’s too depressing. There is good in the world but we don’t really hear of it! I love your garden pictures, don’t you just love all that natures bounty has to offer?😉

    1. I do but right now I am living on ratatouille squash and more squash now to cook it up any way I can a few months from now it will be carrots and potatoes in stew 🙂

  2. Busy busy you Eunice. But now you can reap the harvest which looks scrumptious. I am also one who avoids watching all the bad news. When will we have some good news of peace in the world ? Stay cool Eunice !! Love your latest painting.

    1. Thanks Rita only thing that keeps me going is knowing there are more of us than them 🙂

      So comforting knowing food is healthy, organic and non gmo feet up with fresh mint from out back is perfect way to end my day . Thanks for painting nod I must start lighter let dry and mid tones let dry and then come in with darks lol I am too spontaneous

  3. I love your photos. You have such a nice place there, and so full of life. You make it sound so peaceful and fruitful.

    1. I am glad that comes across my yard it but I can not speak for the rest of America 😦

  4. WOW your garden is amazing Eunice and love seeing the amazingly gorgeous vegetables grown in it. Wonderful shots and so happy to see your painting again! Here is to another couple of great summer months to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. It you only knew the half of it if you were closer I would hang a bag from your back door 🙂 I am having so much fun this year now that all horrid medical stuff has taken a different route. Happy Summer to you as well.

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