Sorry I Forgot To Welcome Summer

Hi there how are you all?  I have been very busy with doing marketing for the local art gallery and putting in my wonderful garden.  JT and I play outside a lot as we watch it grow.  We are in a drought after really no winter or not compared the the one before and very few days of a good soaking rain.  So thankfully I have a well and lots of patience and faith.

My first cucumber and radishes are ready to eat as well as spinach and rainbow swiss chard.
Tomatoes are appearing and the corn is indeed knee high even before The 4th of July!

I entered my photo of a heart, as it appeared overhead maybe a year or 2 ago, to the Theme Show “Sky Images”  maybe here in New England the one of the great white one would have gone over better but seeing the world as a much crazy place these days I titled my heart “What the world needs now”  hope they GET IT.



From the BEFORE above to



To mid June growing nicely.

I had to get away from all the work here for a day so we took off in early afternoon for me to see how wild things grow.


Have a great summer!

13 thoughts on “Sorry I Forgot To Welcome Summer

  1. What energy you have! We just have fruit trees which do most of it on their own. The apricots are nearly ripe. I love those lupins.

    1. Thanks! Trees are good but I need more than fruit lol though I love black olives and feta pizza 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice. You have been busy haven’t you. I love sweet corn. What is rainbow swiss chard I have never heard of it ? Hope your paintings do well let us know won’t you. Have you kept your hair short or has it all grown again.? and how is your Mom.? Hope you have a wonderful summer with lots of new surprises.

    1. Did you get my emails Rita xo

      Mine is real corn non GMO 🙂 YUM
      Rainbow Swiss Chard has beautiful yellow, Red etc. stems GORGEOUS greens. Type it in your search engine so yummy too.

      I am having fun and now I will start to add a photo and painting into each show keep it interesting. 🙂

      My hair needs cutting but still not gray and only halfway down my neck lol

      Mom misses me as I have had 6 injections of roostercomb injected into my knees and have been bleeding bad when I cut or scratch myself but so far great blood results it maybe caused by meds I am on for skin 😦

      I am loving being home and not racing back and forth to the hospital with my mom. The dog and I play outside weed the garden and work on Garden Club Plantings we have done here in town. Life is good 🙂 so nice to hear from you I have been worried.

      1. Hi Eunice, I gathered Swiss Chard must have been some sort of green. But wow you knee sounds painful. I hate medication side effects if that is what happens. Take care !! Eunice I have not received any e mails but maybe that is because I have changed it slightly. Sorry I forgot to let you know. I will send you an email tonight O.K. So pleased you are enjoying life at home. XX

  3. I love the before and after shots! My corn is going to have to get cracking if it wants to be knee-high by the Fourth of July! Wishing you a lovely summer, Eunice.

  4. Your garden is simply amazing, Eunice! I cannot believe how big it is. That looks like quite a project. I can only imagine you’re very proud of how all of you effort paid of. I’m sure your bounty tastes amazing. 🙂

    1. Boxes we new this year from scrap wood maybe I will add two boards higher next year 🙂 Where the squash, beans and corn are I planted with a purpose but they became monsters 🙂 Thankfully I love squash 🙂

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