It Must Be Spring!

Springtime Reflections
Lilac Reflections

The temps will soar today to 80 so getting out quickly to make the remaining boxes to be added to my garden so when I shop at Friday and Sat. plant sales I will have a place to add all my beauties.

Do you grow your own food?  I am so excited it has been three long years since we tilled the earth and dropped in a seed yes being organic is harder but what is the point of eating things not good for you.

I have spinach to go in as well as lettuce and swiss chard that are a month late along with peas due to all the frosts and freezes we had.  I will not complain about working out with black flies to get it in now as so many places right now have it so bad with our world’s weather.

After the work is complete today I will try to scrub my filthy hands and pop into the Seacoast Artist Association for a class Doris Rice is having on spring blossoms as the sit on branches.  I will take a Forsythia branch as well as a branch section with just opening Apple Blossoms on it and maybe a Lilac too, it should be fun last week it was beach with small shoreline birds.  I do love Watercolor and I will sleep like a baby after working hard all day with my boyfriend and then painting always drains me but in a good way.

Stay safe out there and find something you love doing and make time for YOU I love this new me 🙂

21 thoughts on “It Must Be Spring!

  1. Oh yes Eunice. I love the arrival of spring so that I can visit the garden centres to buy new plants for our garden. I do not plant vegetables though because I can’t stand the thought of the cock roaches having been around them. Flowers and new shrubs yes. I am so pleased you sound happy Eunice, you have had a long struggle the past few years. Enjoy your life now. Hugs x

    1. I must send you an email wait till you see what came in the mail today 🙂 cockroaches you have those too? Our apartment complexes and southern areas as well as cities have them but not at my single home they would die if they were here 🙂 You send me a photo and I will share how my garden grows 🙂

  2. Wonderful Eunice – you will have a fantastic garden! The class sounds awesome and I can only imagine what beautiful blossom paintings will emerge from your brush!! Can’t wait for you to share ~

  3. That is a very nice reflection!

    Eating vegetables you grow yourself are the best things. You know what you put into it. And, I am sure it feels good from the results of your hard work too.

    1. 🙂 I had shoulder surgery then Mom needed me so after 3 yrs and turning 60 I am feeling old at the end of the day but this will get me back into shape but you are right so zen like digging and planting or making rows for seed even watering them in it suits my nature as it does you now for the weather to be good Happy gardening!

  4. I planted to large lilac bushes this spring, that I had over wintered under my backyard deck.
    They came from an organic farm and are simply delightful to have in my front yard, to me, a house is not a home without a lilac tree or bush. 🙂

    Fantastic photo! It’s ethereal, just love it!

    1. 🙂 We are kindred spirits for sure are Lilacs just not the best beauty and scent 🙂

      1. Yes, Lilacs smell like Heaven.
        I’m still totally smitten by your photo! It looks like a Mandala, just gorgeous. 🙂

      2. Thanks it is a big seller we seem to have company when it comes to lovely Lilacs 🙂

  5. Lilac Mandala

    Lilacs sing
    To the king
    Of the universe
    Who needs no capitalization
    For he needs no praise nor adulation
    Sustains all matter with the living life impulse
    Is beauty itself
    Is love itself
    Is music itself
    Lilacs sing
    To the king

      1. I took the liberty of finding your amazing photo via a search engine and found the URL, I wrote another poem to go with your fab pic:


        Lilac mandala kaleidoscope
        Gateway to the great mystery
        Perhaps it’s all an illusion
        Matter doesn’t exist without
        A living life impulse sustaining
        Reflections on mystical waters
        There’s the confusion
        The conventional reality
        Resides within the ultimate
        Although the two bear no resemblance
        This is the great mystery
        How can this be?
        No one knows
        Unmanifest leaves no footprints
        Because it walks on water…

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