Happy Mother’s Day


Our area went from warm and wonderful to rainy and raw day after day but with Alberta CA sections burning up as well as other places here and abroad I have very little really to complain about.

This is my Bleeding Heart that sits facing the east in my yard wonder if she would like just a tad more light. 🙂  I know I would

I have still been at it with Watercolors but not at such a breakneck speed now I think and mix color with clear intent and try to catch a couple of lessons a month but with art gallery having their grand opening and a few shows I entered in their Theme Show format I am doing a little more photography infact joined a meetup group right above studio to join in on some challenges as it is a low key group that seems willing to share ideas on sharing your shot in a better light as well as places to meet up and shoot like they just had a meetup at a Steampunk gathering.  I have not done any of that yet but just entered my 3 shots for this month “Body Parts”  I will not bore you with photos but will tell you I had one of my bare foot in the freshly tilled soil of my organic garden yes my feet were clean but frozen by the time I was done working, JT my Border Collie most of you know from photos and stories of course had a spot this time a close of her beautiful eye how I love this dog now turning a year older today I swear I do not know where the time went.  The third shot I took was of my boyfriends 1950’s truck then I did some wild processing on photo just so they would be all different and not boring like my Birthday ride oceans scenes I shared with them last month for “Power”  has the sea has a hold on me, that lighthouse will be above where my ashes are spread and the force of a wave is anything but weak but you know where my head is at most days.

I will try to get more photography printed and hung in local shows and online they sell well enough to pay for my painting supplies so others must like the plain simple beauty of what is.

Hope you are all doing OK I am off to read some of your blogs have a wonderful week!

OH I forgot I took a night with a friend and tried Acrylic photo latter

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    1. I am in such a better place these days I keep hurtful things and people away FINALLY you can teach a old dog new tricks hope you are getting decent weather in this crazy pattern. Stay safe HUGS

  1. It’s great to hear that life is treating you well Eunice and that you’re having fun with your photography. We have that plant in our garden too and it doesn’t seem to need much attention. Hope you had a great day xx

    1. Quiet but nice lots of garden club plants sales coming up hoping to find some tasty heirloom plants Organic of course

  2. Hi Eunice, You have been busy, Nice to hear you are so active, it sure helps tone up the body and mind. It sound like you are coming along leaps and bounds with your paintings and its great you have them entered in exhibitions and are selling well. Hope you, your mom, and Ron are keeping well. PS many thanks for nice comments on my blog. x

    1. We are all status quo lol that sounds better than last year 🙂

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