Even More Art In The Gallery

I added 2 framed pieces of Watercolor to the Theme Wall at Seacoast Artist Association.  This month’s theme is Wild With Color.  Now I could have framed some of my amazing Sunrises even Sunsets or Pink Peonies.  Maybe my popular monster Sunflowers even but I chose two of my colorful landscapes filled with tree trunks with pretty bark 🙂

No longer laid out against my red countertops but are in pretty rich brown frames under glass.  I will miss them if they sell but even looking at them here as I type I can see I have grown much like a tree 🙂 ever changing and it make me so happy.

Still not comfortable with others judging me or my artwork but I can not sell it if I do not put myself out there 🙂

My town is celebrating it’s 275th birthday and the committee group is trying to raise monies for a parade and fireworks so I donated one of my framed pieces as a raffle gift hope enough like it to raise $40 or $50 for my part of the cause.  All starving artists have is what they create.


I did straighten out the title lol

Mom is doing great I have more good days and the pup my sweet little girl rests more and loves the pumpkin cookies I make for her 🙂  Going grain free myself and hoping her and I will be back at our fighting weight 🙂

Do you know I did not climb up once on the roof and only raked it once shhh it is only March and I will finally turn 60 I can not believe it myself lol there were many close calls and still not gray!

Here is what I did the other day thinking of taking my girl for a walk to go find some 🙂


Still wet as I posted it to Facebook and it sold 🙂 now I can do an oil change 🙂

Have a great March everyone soon I will share photos from the Boston Flower Show which opens in 2 weeks!

28 thoughts on “Even More Art In The Gallery

  1. Wonderful news about your Mom Eunice and congratulations on selling your paintings. Keep up the good work, you are doing really well. I am so pleased to hear your winter SO FAR has not been too bad. Shovelling all that snow last year must have been back breaking and worn you to a frazzle.
    Take care. X

    1. Yes all but a bad dream but it is only the 4th of March we can get snow and cold till May 30 🙂

      1. I went to the sea with Ron and my girl 🙂 just the perfect day then for seafood chowder after 🙂

  2. Lots of great news Eunice, love your trees, most lovely colors and great details on the trunks! Love your pussy-willow, that was always the first thing in my mother’s house to show up in the vase! Wishing you all the best with the show and of course a Happy 60 and a wonderful Spring to you! Take care and hugs to you!

  3. Happy Birthday my friend – 60 will be your best year yet! Love your paintings no doubt they will do well at the show and so happy to read that you haven’t been up on the roof raking snow!!

    1. 🙂 Thanks I do love getting older 🙂 snowing here now but not the blizzard I was born in 🙂

  4. Your artwork is wonderful! I can relate to the confidence issue, as I’ve written secretly most of my life. The few times I trusted people to read it, they were critical and so I stopped for awhile. Now I’m putting myself out there as well with my new blog. Good luck to you and continue your art and blog. I enjoy it!

    1. I stopped by your blog best of luck with it and your writing thanks for checking out my journey as well neighbor 🙂

    1. Thanks it is about being judged isn’t it even as a driver I was but then I blew past them 🙂

  5. Beautiful watercolors. I love the texture and shadows in the first two…the pussy willows are lovely, and the winter blues scene very serene and calming. Our flower show here in Philadelphia is going on now, but I don’t attend anymore. The crowds make it impossible to see and the lighting is so dim any photos I take don’t turn out well. I do go to the nearby Longwood Gardens quite frequently, and if you love flower shows, and are ever in this area, try to visit this beautiful garden.

    1. Boston’s has been disappointing as well if there is a suggestion box I shall fill it 🙂

      Thanks for commenting on my watercolors this being my 2nd year I am so excited about learning even more to just have fun 🙂

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