Thankful For This Unusual Winter

Wow what a difference a year makes and in so many ways!

There is very little snow on the ground yes I know it can still just be a tad late but I personally am through the worst part of winter, with spring arriving in what, just 4 weeks!  I am dancing even with sore knees.  lol Not so sore I took a shot in each and it helped a lot and will give me time to get my pup cared for and guess what Mom’s surgery on left knee was such a success she is being allowed back home early!  Wow see what I mean about being thankful.  So many prayers said and great thoughts and energy how could she suffer again.  Thanks so much.

Our garden club will attend the Boston Flower Show next month so heads up there maybe flower photos soon lol  We are now taking orders for Pansy Bowls at just $15 for a full 12/14″ bowl brimming with pretty little flower faces I can not wait for mine to greet me each day as I arrive home.  Maybe I will try to paint them 🙂

Having Mom be in a better place my man doing OK with his pacemaker and my knees not hurting so bad now to get my pup feeling better all will be right in my small world.

Not sure about my reader so many I left a like on today I had not seen forever and ones I usually see were missing 😦  I will keep searching till I find you 🙂

I am going to try to add this video here not sure if the video will work 🙂

Just a moment in my world lol

I made an attempt at getting comfortable at a gallery I belong to and attended a Feb. 14 Art Party where I had a Black and White Pen and Ink / Watercolor hanging as well as Wolf Moon on a special wall our local Watercolor teacher invited her students to show thire piece of winter watercolor.  I actually unwound and had fun 🙂

before it got crowded 🙂

I have even been crocheting again


This is for my son’s old girlfriend who got married and is having her first baby.  I had so much fun as I had never done any of this type of crocheting before 🙂  yes indeed learning so much than I ever thought I could.

Have a Great Day you can see I have every intent too 🙂

9 thoughts on “Thankful For This Unusual Winter

  1. Lovely and good news, I’m most happy for you! Good times are always great to have! Love your baby crocheting and it appears will be a girl!!! All in pink, beautiful, love it and congrats to the new mommy! Have a beautiful Sunday!
    Much love and hugs to you Eunice~ Eva

    1. Thanks Eva I hope she can still use it in OR in end of March if not maybe for a doll or she can donate as she is a nurse in nicu(sp) so maybe for a family with a little girl finally able to go home 🙂

  2. Happy to read all your great news Eunice – yes it’s amazing what changes have some in one years time. Love the crocheting too, beautiful gift. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful artwork again – happy Sunday to you!

  3. Oh ! it’s so nice to hear you are happy Eunice and things are going more smoothly for you . Great news about your Mom, Ron and your beautiful dog. Love the crocheting ,I never did get the hang of that. Have a great week ahead. x

    1. Crochet is so easy and so soothing grab some yarn and a hook and go to you tube soon you will be HOOKED get it lol

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